DALGONA COFFEE has become viral/ trending topic on social media these days. It’s really easy to make with simple ingredients. Here’s the recipe and some tips so your Dalgona Coffee will be successful.

If we’re not mistaken, Dalgona Coffee has become trending topic since Fun-staurant TV Show when Ilwoo went to local cafe at Macao and he tried the local coffee drink that requires 400times of hand whisk.

The key ratio is 1coffee : 1sugar : 1warm water. You MUST USE INSTANT BLACK COFFEE, not 3in1 coffee. Yup the number 1 rule is using instant black coffee which dissolves completely in water.

2tbsp instant black coffee
2tbsp sugar
2tbsp warm water

How to make it:
– Mix all ingredients in the bowl, whisk with mixer for around 5minutes until fluffy.
– Serve it with milk and ice based on your preference. You can also change it with avocado juice, or soymilk, or anything you like.

NO MIXER? You can whisk it with other tools, here are some alternatives you can use:
– Shake bottle
– Oil strainer
– Hand whisk
– Spoon/ fork
– Blender
– Milk frother

Give it a try and we’re sure you will like it because it’s really tasty!! It gives the drink this nice fluffy texture, just like professional cafe made coffee drink. Have fun experimenting Dalgona Coffee for your home cafe experience.

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2 thoughts on “[RECIPE] DALGONA COFFEE”

  1. the website is very helpful to me where if we want to find a recipe to make the food very simple and easy to understand just follow the steps. Make it easy for beginners who are just learning to cook

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