Dear Sahabat Jajan, we’re excited yet nervous to share the news that AnakJajan is collaborating with Boja Eatery for Korean inspired toast menu. UPDATE: It has been launched on August 23rd 2020 and ended on September 23rd 2020, thank you for enthusiasm 🙂

Being at home for months, we miss traveling so much. Thanks to Korean drama and tv show, we miss going to Korea even more, that’s why we often cook Korean dishes as well as Korean inspired toast.

Hongdae Toast IDR 59k, Myeongdong Toast IDR 79k

If you follow @anakjajan Instagram stories, you will notice that we make Korean toast very often. Soooo often, we have perfected the recipe with all kinds of ingredients including our special Honey Garlic Butter and also not forgetting condensed milk for great balance of flavor.

As you can see from the packaging, it looks like travel bag with luggage tag because we want to invite you all to join a virtual trip to Korea through our exclusive menu.

Finally these toast creations are ready for you all to try thanks to Boja Eatery for making this collaboration project happen.

After long trial and error, the product is ready to be launched on August 23rd 2020. #AnakJajanxBoja menu is ready both for dine-in and delivery (GrabFood: Boja – Pluit, GoFood: JAJAN di BOJA Pluit, Tokopedia for H+1 preorder )
(please note that there might be price difference for GrabFood & GoFood delivery)

Hongdae Toast IDR 59k

In total there are 3 toast creations and 3 types of drinks and it will be available for limited period of time. Let’s take a closer look shall we? 🙂

Kedongdaemun Juice IDR 35k, Gangnam Beauty IDR 35k, Coffee Drip IDR 25k/pack or 60k/3packs
There are two perfect companion for toast in our opinions. First is refreshing sweet and sour drink like pink lemonade or Gangnam Beauty and kedondong juice or Kedongdaemun Juice.

Second is coffee of course!! You can experience brewing your own coffee with this instant coffee drip, it can be enjoyed hot or with ice.
Please note that instant coffee drip has no sugar and no milk in it, you can enjoy it as it is or add sugar according to your tastebud.

Hongdae Toast IDR 59k
Ok, let’s start with this one, meatless version with hashbrown as the main ingredient.
The bread is toasted with butter until golden with thick layer of ingredients such as Korean omelette, cheese, honey garlic butter, and lots of love 🙂

Hongdae Toast IDR 59k

It is the most simple toast creation but packed with all kind flavors, savory, cheesy creamy buttery but not too much, and… also a subtle hint of sweetness.

Hongdae Toast IDR 59k

You can also order Toast Package with drink: Hongdae Toast + Kedongdaemun Juice/ Gangnam Beauty IDR 85k, or Hongdae Toast + Coffee Drip IDR 75k.

Myeongdong Toast IDR 79k
Myeongdong Toast uses bratwurst sausage. You will get juicy meaty sensation on each bite, yummm!

Myeongdong Toast IDR 79k

Anyway, each toast will get sweet potato chips as side dish, it gives a nice crunchy sensation. Toast Package with drink is also available for this one: Myeongdong Toast + Kedongdaemun Juice/ Gangnam Beauty IDR 105k, or Myeongdong Toast + Coffee Drip IDR 95k.

Itaewon Toast IDR 89k
Ok, last but not least, the most special and festive one, Itaewon Toast with smoked beef brisket. It has the MOST COMPLEX flavor because we combine lot of different sauces and ingredients such as honey garlic butter, peanut butter, berry jam, etc. Yup you read it right, peanut butter and berry jam 🙂

Itaewon Toast IDR 89k

If you notice, Korean often add a bit of sweet taste in their toast/ sandwich, it makes it really interesting and tasty. Don’t worry it will not taste too sweet at all, you will get just a little hint of nutty and fruity flavors in it, it makes the smoked beef brisket toast not too heavy and packed with flavors. Please give it a try because it’s one of a kind.

Toast package with drink: Itaewon Toast + Kedongdaemun Juice/ Gangnam Beauty IDR 115k, or Itaewon Toast + Coffee Drip IDR 105k.

Who’s excited??? We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Get yourself ready because diet is prohibited during these months. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy your toast 🙂

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