Calling all boba lovers! The long awaited famous bubble milk tea brand from Bangkok, Thailand FIRE TIGER has finally opened their first outlet in Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta.

If you’ve visited Bangkok, Thailand, you must be aware of this brand. Personally AnakJajan have never tried it since we haven’t visited Bangkok in a long time but judging from the hype, we can tell that it’s going to be a good one.

The first outlet in Jakarta is located in Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 3A but since we’re still in quarantine mode, we have it delivered to our home. After tasting it, we decided to blog about it since we find it unique and the taste totally met our standards.

In total there are 5 different creations. Let’s take a closer look of each drink.

Fire Tiger Milk
Black sugar bubble, brown sugar jelly, black sugar syrup, mixed milk, topped with creme brulee & brown sugar
AnakJajan heard that Fire Tiger Milk is the best seller item in Thailand. Well it’s basically milk with black sugar bubble/boba drink but with Fire Tiger’s own twist. It has the right amount of creaminess, amazing aroma of black sugar and unique creme brulee with brown sugar on top.

Fire Tiger Milk, Fire Tiger Milk Tea, Snow Tiger

The boba totally suits our palates, soft slightly chewy with black sugar flavor totally absorbed into it. What makes Fire Tiger different is the use of brown sugar jelly, yesss besides black sugar bubble/boba they add brown sugar jelly too, it gives the drink unique and different texture.

Fire Tiger Milk Tea
Black sugar bubble, brown sugar jelly, black sugar syrup, milk tea, topped with creme brulee & brown sugar
Pretty much similar with the one above, the only difference is instead of milk, they use milk tea.

The Crown
Black sugar bubble, brown sugar jelly, black sugar syrup, milk tea, topped with creme brulee & crispy black sugar
If you love earl grey milk tea like Mr. Jajan, you’ll love this drink. The tea fragrance is different with normal milk tea because they use different tea and it smells really nice like earl grey tea.

The Crown

The best part of it is the use of CRISPY BLACK SUGAR, crunchy sweet like caramel, it gives the drink a nice burnt aroma. It is not as creamy as other drink, which makes it more enjoyable until the last sip without getting sick of any creamy milky taste.

The Majesty
Black sugar bubble, pudding, black sugar syrup, mixed milk, topped with creme cheese and crispy cheese
The unique sweet salty taste instantly caught our attention. Anyone who loves cheesy drink will love it. The yellow topping is actually CRISPY CHEESE, yess you read it right, crispy cheese, imagine sipping black sugar boba milk with crispy cheese bits in it, super good addictive!

The Majesty

Personally we Love it, but since the drink is very milky and creamy with layer of creme cheese on top, it can be to heavy for us to drink a whole cup, wouldn’t mind sharing tho.

Snow Tiger
Black sugar bubble + jelly, tea snowflake shake, milk snowflake shake and topped with crunchy black sugar
Snow Tiger came to our surprise because we didn’t expect it to be our TOP 1 FAV! Compared to other drinks, Snow Tiger has the most balanced flavor according to our palates. The level of sweetness and creaminess is just perfect for our liking, not overly milky with hint of tea plus crunchy black sugar topping. 100% recommended!

Snow Tiger
Snow Tiger

Overall, AnakJajan can say that Fire Tiger is going to be a strong contender in the Jakarta’s boba game. The drink creations are unique with its own charm. Here are our favs: 1st Snow Tiger, 2nd The Crown & 3rd The Majesty 😊

Fire Tiger Indonesia
Grand Indonesia Mall, Level 3A ED 1-02 – West Mall
Instagram: @firetiger_id

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