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Chinese New Year is just around the corner. To anticipate the upcoming year of the Fire Monkey in 2016. AnakJajan are going to share with you an infographic of 5 Lucky Foods to Eat During Chinese New Year (CNY) brought to you by Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Continue reading 5 LUCKY FOODS TO EAT DURING CHINESE NEW YEAR




Hello Sahabat Jajan, do you still remember our blogpost about Trick Eye Museum? During our visit to Singapore, AnakJajan stayed at The Westin Singapore. The Westin Singapore is a 5 stars hotel located centrally in the financial district of Singapore near the iconic Marina Bay Singapore, let’s have  a quick tour around the hotel. Continue reading THE WESTIN HOTEL SINGAPORE

CHIR CHIR – Korean Fried Chicken

Spicy Wings SGD 28.9
Spicy Wings SGD 28.9

Chir Chir has caught my attention a few months ago since it opened in Singapore and went viral on instagram and by then I have put it on the must try list. This Fusion Chicken Factory is said to be a famous Korean fried chicken restaurant from Korea. Continue reading CHIR CHIR – Korean Fried Chicken


Trick Eye

Hello Sahabat Jajan!! Holiday is coming soon!! Where do you spend your holiday usually?? I’m sure that most of you already been and often go to Singapore rite? Then what do you do when you go to Singapore besides eating and shopping? Well AnakJajan want to recommend you a place with unique experience, Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Continue reading TRICK EYE MUSEUM SINGAPORE (WIN a Trip to SINGAPORE!)

[JAPAN] Nana’s Green Tea Cafe


When in Japan, eat Matcha Green Tea!! If you are a huge fan of matcha, AnakJajan guarantee you will obviously gone mad the minute you reach Japan because you can easily find anything green tea/ matcha almost anywhere. Nana’s Green Tea is a popular matcha chain established 14 years ago in Japan. They are the pioneer of Japanese Matcha Greentea Cafe. But nowadays you can find Nana’s Green Tea outlet in Singapore and Malaysia too, good news right?!! Continue reading [JAPAN] Nana’s Green Tea Cafe

Secret Dining with Singapore Tourism Board – Tippling Club & 2am:Dessert Bar

secret dining singapore

Friday 14 March 2014, AnakJajan was invited to Secret Dining Event by Singapore Tourism Board. Culinary in Singapore is always exciting since long time ago. Besides hawker food, Singapore also has lots of amazing fine dining and on that night we had the chance to experience amazing dishes from Chef Ryan Clift and Chef Janice Wong with Cocktails & Mocktails by Mixologist Zachary Connor de Git.

Continue reading Secret Dining with Singapore Tourism Board – Tippling Club & 2am:Dessert Bar

What kind of foodie are you?

Lychee and Passion Fruit Iced Tea IDR 40k each
Lychee and Passion Fruit Iced Tea IDR 40k each

Are you a foodie? What kind of foodie are you?! Kali ini AnakJajan mau share beberapa point yang mendeskripsikan bagaimana sih seorang itu dianggap foodie, tentu saja menurut pandangan pribadi AnakJajan.

Driving Across the Town to Try New Place
Rela jauh-jauh berpetualang membelah Jakarta maupun hingga luar kota/negri untuk berkunjung Continue reading What kind of foodie are you?

Pineapple Cakes from SunnyHills

Box of 10 Pineapple Cakes SGD 25

Belum lama ini AnakJajan mendapat kiriman Pineapple Cakes dari SunnyHills Singapore. Dengan tema Mid-Autumn Festival pada packaging baru ini terdiri dari 10 individual package of pineapple cakes yang dikemas manis dalam kotak dan kantong kain yang lucu banget, sangat cocok dijadikan buah tangan.

Continue reading Pineapple Cakes from SunnyHills

Jajanan at Singapore Part2

Ice cream 1SGD, Mint Chocochip and Cappucino Chocochip (@orchard road)

Lanjutan cerita jajanan-jajanan Singapore yang sebelumnya 🙂
Ice Cream 1SGD
Ini juga favoritnya anakjajan nih. Ice creamnya bisa dimakan dengan wafer, roti, atau pake cone juga bisa. Harganya 1 singapore dollar. Rasanya bervariasi ada rasa strawberry, yam, rasberry, chocolate, durian, mint choco chip, sweetcorn, mango, cappucino, Continue reading Jajanan at Singapore Part2

Jajanan at Singapore Part1

Bulan lalu anakjajan pergi liburan, salah satunya ke Singapore, jadi anakjajan mau ceritain pengalaman jajan-jajan disana 🙂

Plum Drink
Ini nih minuman favorit anakjajan, sampai di sgpore langsung kalap nyari minuman plum ini hehehe. Minuman ini gampang dicari di sgpore, dalam bentuk kemasan botol juga ada. Rasanya asam, manis, sedikit asin, seger banget 🙂
Duhh pengen lagi, dijakarta sini ada yang jual ga sih?

Yummy plum drink (@ION Orchard, people's park complex, 7eleven)

Roasted Chestnut
Ini juga favorit anakjajan. Kacang chestnut alias kacang kastanye Continue reading Jajanan at Singapore Part1