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Chatuchak Weekend Market (ตลาดจตุจักร), Bangkok, Thailand.
Besides delicious Thai food, interesting tourist attractions such as Santorini Park, Chocolate Ville, and Palio Village, Thailand especially Bangkok is also famous with their shopping paradise. So when we talk about Chatuchak Market, AnakJajan think most of the tourists who have visited Bangkok must have gone to this place since it’s one of the best markets that cannot be missed especially for shopaholics! Continue reading [THAILAND] CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET – Bangkok



Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville (ช็อคโกแลต วิลล์) Restaurant and Park, Bangkok, Thailand.
Thailand, when you think about this amazing country, you definitely think of the famous street food, bargain shopping and the beach. But besides that, there are so many unique and interesting places you can visit, such as Palio Khao Yai with Italian Village Concept, or Santorini Park with the atmosphere like Santorini in Greece.
The other option, which is just around 30 minutes from city center of Bangkok, Chocolate Ville is a fun and unique place that you MUST VISIT! A restaurant built in spacious land with “Dining in the Park” concept with European Village theme at Kaset-Nawamin Road, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok. Continue reading CHOCOLATE VILLE BANGKOK – Thailand


Toby's Coffee
Toby’s Coffee

It is no longer a secret that Thailand has a very interesting food and beverage scenes, there are so many recommended restaurants and cafes that you must visit in Thailand especially Bangkok, so AnakJajan decided to make a series of Bangkok food guides starting with complete list of Best Coffee Shops/ Cafes in Bangkok. Continue reading [THAILAND] BANGKOK TRAVEL GUIDE: BEST COFFEE SHOPS You Must Visit


rod fai

Who doesn’t love shopping at night market? It is filled with many kinds of foods and various things to buy with cheaper price of course! Last trip to bangkok, AnakJajan visited Talad Rod Fai Train Weekend Night Market twice!! Because we enjoyed our time there very much!!
Rot Fai Market, one of THE BEST MARKETS IN BANGKOK located on Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind the Seacon Square Shopping Mall, Continue reading [THAILAND] TALAD ROT FAI TRAIN NIGHT MARKET – Bangkok


Unicorn Cafe

Sawadikaa~ greetings from Bangkok, if you follow our instagram: @anakjajan or snapchat: ANAKJAJAN, you probably have already known that we’re having my summer holiday in Bangkok. Every time we visit Bangkok, other than shopping, cafe hopping is definitely our main activity and Unicorn Cafe Bangkok is one of the cafes we recently visited. Continue reading [THAILAND] UNICORN CAFE – Bangkok

TOMYUM UFO at SANSAB Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand


During our #AnakJajanThailand trip to Bangkok back in October 2015, we explored so many tasty places and Sansab is one of our most favorite places, mostly because of the Tom Yum UFO. Continue reading TOMYUM UFO at SANSAB Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand


mango tango

When in Thailand, eat Mango! This time AnakJajan are going to share with you Mango Tango, one of the most popular places for dessert in Bangkok Thailand.


AirAsia Blogger Community 2nd Anniversary


Earlier last month, AnakJajan joined AirAsia Blogger Community 2nd Anniversary Party at Bangkok Thailand. It is a huge anniversary event which gathers more than a hundred of bloggers from all over Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea.

Continue reading AirAsia Blogger Community 2nd Anniversary

[THAILAND] Kyo Roll En – Kyoto Lifestyle Cafe

Kyo Roll En

Time for dessert post!! Kyo Roll En is a famous Kyoto Lifestyle Dessert Cafe specialized in Japanese Matcha Softcream and Roll cake at Bangkok, Thailand.
Continue reading [THAILAND] Kyo Roll En – Kyoto Lifestyle Cafe

What kind of foodie are you?

Lychee and Passion Fruit Iced Tea IDR 40k each
Lychee and Passion Fruit Iced Tea IDR 40k each

Are you a foodie? What kind of foodie are you?! Kali ini AnakJajan mau share beberapa point yang mendeskripsikan bagaimana sih seorang itu dianggap foodie, tentu saja menurut pandangan pribadi AnakJajan.

Driving Across the Town to Try New Place
Rela jauh-jauh berpetualang membelah Jakarta maupun hingga luar kota/negri untuk berkunjung Continue reading What kind of foodie are you?

Kalender 2012 and Jajan-Jajan Bangkok Part 3 (Last)

Sebelumnya AnakJajan mau share kalender 2012 dengan hari-hari raya / libur Indonesia, jadi udah pada bisa bikin rencana jalan-jalan ataupun jajan-jajan ditahun depan, apalagi yang kerja kantoran kan liburannya terbatas, yang namanya long weekend kudu banget dimanfaatin, ya ga? 😀 (klik foto kalender diatas utk memperbesar fotonya yah)

Masih lanjut dari post jajanan di Bangkok sebelumnya, selama di Bangkok AnakJajan kerjaannya ngejajannnn melulu, tiada waktu tanpa Continue reading Kalender 2012 and Jajan-Jajan Bangkok Part 3 (Last)

Jajan-Jajan Bangkok Part 2

Lanjutan post jajan-jajan di Bangkok sebelumnya.

Hari kedua setelah shopping2, AnakJajan mampir ke mall Siam Discovery and mampir lagi ke Fuku buat melepas kangen dengan Matcha Softcreamnya. Kemudian lanjut ke mall Central World, kalo dilihat dari peta sepertinya ga terlalu jauh jaraknya dengan mall Central World, jadinya AnakJajan jalan kaki deh kesana, ternyata oh ternyata, jauh juga.

Untungnya sampai di sana dibagian luarnya banyak tempat duduk dan didepan mall Central Worldnya ada banyak banget lapak yang jualan cemilan, jajanan is in da house yo~~

Pad Thai

Pad Thai 30bath

Harganya 30bath alias sekitar 9ribu. Pad Thai itu kuetiaw goreng khas Thai yang Continue reading Jajan-Jajan Bangkok Part 2