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Pasta Dory Sambal Matah IDR 68k

Serving Napoli style pizza, have you been to Popolamama restaurant in Jakarta? It has been a while since our last visit, aside from lots of new menu, Popolamama Indonesia is 100% HALAL with Halal Certification, it’s surely a good news for our Moslem friends. Continue reading POPOLAMAMA INDONESIA – JAKARTA [New Menu]

MELBOURNE KITCHEN – CITOS (Cilandak Town Square), Jakarta

Gyu Tan Don Original IDR 59.3k

Shout out to all ex Melbournians!! AnakJajan think that we all can agree that one of the things that we miss the most from Melbourne is the food and we got you a great recommendation to satisfy your cravings, that is Melbourne Kitchen located in Citos (Cilandak Town Square) and Cipaganti, Bandung. Continue reading MELBOURNE KITCHEN – CITOS (Cilandak Town Square), Jakarta

DOUBLE POTS – Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta

Tomyum Hot Soup
Tomyum Hot Soup

Shabu-shabu or hotpot dish is commonly known as a perfect meal for sharing for group but nowadays personal hotpot is getting popular in Jakarta and Double Pots is one of the restaurants with personal pot concept, the restaurant is located in Citos or Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta. Continue reading DOUBLE POTS – Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta

Chicken & Egg

Ichicken & egg

Chicken & Egg merupakan satu restoran terbaru dari Creative Food yang masih satu grup dengan Gading Food yang sudah terkenal dengan restoran Fish & Co, Marutama Ramen, dll.
Sesuai dengan nama restonya, Chicken & Egg menawarkan aneka menu-menu dengan bahan dari Ayam dan Telur mulai dari indonesian hingga western.

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Continue reading Chicken & Egg