Hello, as requested, here you go the recipe for Japanese Marinated/ Seasoned Soft Boiled Egg or Ramen Egg or Ajitsuke Tamago or Ajitama.

A while ago, AnakJajan did a little experiment on how to make Japanese marinated ramen egg with oozing gooey yolk in the middle and it was successful so we decided to share it on Instagram, to our surprise the responses were tremendous.

So many Sahabat Jajan shared their successful attempts in making it, I feel like a proud momma. Since many of you still asking for the recipe, to make it easier for you to see it, we decided to put in on the blog.

Baically Ajitsuke Tamago or Ajitama is the kind of egg you usually get from ramen restaurant. AnakJajan often judge how legit the ramen restaurant is just by looking at their egg, forgive us for being judgmental but for us ramen egg should be well marinated with beautiful runny yolk in the middle if you know what we mean.

To enjoy Ajitama, you can enjoy it as it is or as side dish/ topping for ramen or instant noodle soup, donburi/ rice bowl, or even put it inside onigiri or curry bun. It’s delicious!!

AnakJajan tried to make the recipe as easy as possible, here you go.

•6 eggs, room temperature
(we highly recommend you to use Omega3 egg for beautiful orange yolk, also make sure to use fresh eggs that are safe to consume half cooked)
•Water to boil
•A bucket of ice water

•150ml Japanese soy sauce
•120ml mirin (for mirin replacement, check the notes below⬇)
•60gr sugar
•320ml water

– Mix sauce ingredients together.
– Let the water boil, after that set the stove into medium heat, then simmer the eggs for exactly 6mins.
– After boiling, immediately remove the egg and put it on ICE WATER for at least 5mins(this is an important step to stop the cooking process to get a creamy yolk).
– Peel the egg carefully and put into sauce to let it marinated (we usually use ziplock bag).
– Let it marinate for 4-12hours in the fridge.

💡Japanese soy sauce and Mirin contain alcohol. You can replace the soy sauce with other soy sauce with no alcohol.

💡For mirin, here are a few options for the replacement shared by fellow Sahabat Jajan:
1. Since alcohol evaporates at 78°C, you can boil/ simmer the sauce for at least 30 seconds to evaporate the alcohol. Please note that you might need to add extra water since it will be concentrated after boiling.
2. Mitsuya Cider or Japanese carbonated soft drink.
3. Apple vinegar + simple syrup with ratio 1:1 (60ml simple syrup + 60ml apple vinegar). Some people say that this replacement is not accurately similar but good enough.
4. Fresh grape juice + lemon juice + sugar.

That’s all, happy cooking!!

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