MONSIEUR SPOON – urban Farm PIK, Jakarta

The famous French bakery & cafe Monsieur Spoon from Bali is finally open in Jakarta. The first Jakarta outlet is located precisely in Golf Island Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Jakarta in soon to be hype new area called Urban Farm PIK.

You’ll be surprised by how fancy and large the store is in Jakarta. Unlike Bali’s outlet, the store is quite fancy with all the beautiful details.



In the middle of the store there’s huge display showing all their pastries and sweets selection.

As for seating area there are 3 outdoor seating areas on the left side, right side, and also in front of the store. Of course indoor seating area is also available.

While the interior concept is pretty fancy, we can still feel a bit of Bali vibes at the outdoor seating area surrounded by green plants.


Normal opening schedule is 07.00-22.30 to cater early breakfast, lunch until late dinner. That explains why Jakarta’s outlet has more brunch and heavy meal selection. The menu are available exclusively for Jakarta’s outlet such as pasta, steak, etc.


Magic Latte IDR 38k & Cappuccino IDR 35k
Both hot coffee are nicely done, great balance, beautiful consistency, we have no complain. If you prefer milky one, Cappuccino will suit your palate, but if you want the coffee to be stronger we advice you to order Magic Latte.

Wagyu Burger Croissant IDR 78k
wagyu beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, caramelized onion
Monsieur Spoon has selection of sandwich with their croissant called croissandwich. This one with beef patty is tasteful with great balance of flavor, you’ll get savory taste from juicy tender beef patty and cheese also sweet taste from caramelized onion.


Wagyu Beef Bourguignon IDR 160k
24hrs slow cooked wagyu beef in red wine sauce, mushroom, served with creamy mashed potato
Not sure if it is appropriate to cook fancy wagyu for that long or to be used for this kind of dish but we have no complain since the beef was very tender with all the seasoning fully absorbed into it, spot on savory rich without being too much. Delicious!


Salted Caramel Tartlet IDR 38k
Of course the famous tartlet is also available. Crunchy buttery tart shell with melt in the mouth sweet salty caramel filling, OOOMMMPHHH YUM!


Monsieur Spoon Croissant IDR 18k, Cheese Croissant IDR 34k, Black Chocolatine IDR 24k, Black Croissant IDR 20k
Uber flaky, buttery, happiness in each bite!

Well this is just a quick review of the new exciting addition in town. Thank you for reading.

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