CARBON Restaurant – MD PLACE, Setiabudi, Jakarta


If you’re a foodie who loves to explore something new, something different, let us introduce you CARBÓN Restaurant at MD Place Building offering Latin American-inspired dishes.


The genius mind behind Carbón is no other than Chef Andri Dionysius. We can always trust his brilliant ideas in creating mind blowing dishes. The new restaurant is under the same group with Animale Restaurant.

Ok back to the restaurant, first impression has gotta be the interior. If the restaurant is a person, we would describe it as a very handsome yet mysterious with dark wooden and stone elements.


Gotta be honest that this was our first big big big dine-out since last year. Being constantly at home is mentally exhausting so we made an exception to dine at Carbón with a few considerations (only two of us in the VIP room & during less busy day/hour), we came with empty tummies and left with happy full tummies along with some leftover takeout. Let’s take a look at their food.

Cauliflower Steak IDR 110k
Chile ancho salsa macha, toasted hazelnut, cilantro aioli
Ok, I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS DISH!! First impression, my oh my the chargrilled aroma is incredibly hypnotizing, super fragrant and delicious. Savory, creamy, and tangy with nice texture from hazelnut. 100% will reorder!

Brussels Sprout con Queso IDR 135k
Cheese fondue, roasted jalapeño and champignon rajas, blue corn chips
For cheese lovers, this one is a must order. It’s served on top of candle to keep the cheese warm, along with cheese there’re minced meat and nicely charred brussels sprout. To enjoy it, simply use blue corn chips to spoon out the cheesy yummy goodness.


Quinoa IDR 120k
Red & white quinoa, black beans, grilled romaine, guacamole, orange lime dressing
It has very fresh and clean tasting flavor. If you order this dish, better enjoy it first, otherwise it will get overpowered by other dishes.


Crab Infladitas (3 pcs) IDR 250k
Puffed white corn taco shell, roasted crab & truffled corn slaw, guacamole
The puffs are packed with generous crab meat, very fresh with clean tasting seasoning, nicely done.

Shell-on Bay Scallops IDR 150k
Scallop roe, oranges, aji amarillo butter, red radish, herbs oil
This one is so so good! The scallops are sweet and buttery, love the fact they add orange into it, it gives the scallop nice zesty kick perfect to balance the rich tasting butter.

Blackened Wagyu Tongue IDR 395k
Slow cooked wagyu tongue, 18 spices carbón rub, green mojo, tomatillo salsa, aji verde sauce
MUST ORDER YAZZ! This special dish takes days to prepare. The wagyu tongue is incredibly tender, tender but not too much you can still enjoy the texture.


To enjoy it, you can wrap the tongue and sauce with tortilla. Fun fact: they make their own tortilla from scratch, yazz tortilla game is strong here! The special one has gotta be the blue corn tortilla made with Oaxaca’s single origin corn all the way, the more you chew the more you can get the unique aroma, unique but not for everyone that’s why they have flour tortilla too.

Duck Breast “Al Pastor” IDR 210k
Achiote and pineapple marinate, pickled pineapple slaw, salsa roja, avocado crema
Another fav menu, Mr. Jajan loves it so much he couldn’t stop talking about it. The duck has ahmazing texture, not fatty but tender juicy with no unpleasant smell. The sauce beneath duck is fantastic, so good and memorable.


Chipirones IDR 110k
Baby firefly squid, ink battered, pickled aji charapita, squid ink aioli, shaved celery
One word: BOMB!! Explosion of flavor on each bite thanks to the pickled aji charapita one of the most expensive and spicy chilies. The spicy juicy pickled chili is the perfect match for savory crunchy baby squid.


Tiger Prawns IDR 175k
Peruvian anticucho glaze, “yellow bolita” palenta grits, green mojo sauce
When it comes to grilled dish, Carbón nails it every single time! They have wide selection of wood for different smoky aroma, that explains the amazing chargrilled aroma on the prawns. We love the fresh kick from green mojo sauce so much, don’t forget to add a bit of lemon juice for extra tangy kick.


Alaskan Halibut a la Plancha IDR 220k
Seared on flat top griddle, airy pozole soup, hominy avocado salad, crispy tortilla
Another YAS! The fish deserves two thumbs up, tender buttery soft on the inside while crispy on the outside, 100% cooked to perfection.


Quails Asada (2 whole pc) IDR 195k
Rambutan wood smoked, garlic mojo marinate, krill salsa, charred long beans
My oh my up until now the smoky aroma still linger in our memories, too fragrant to be missed. Quail meat itself has tender texture with all the good savory flavor and smoky aroma fully absorbed into the meat. If you love grilled dish, PLEASE REMEMBER to order this dish.


“Chuddos” IDR 100k
Churros x donuts cinnamon sugar, goat milk cajeta & hot cacao champurrado dip
Pretty presentation, not greasy, great balance of seasoning, cinnamon powder isn’t overpowering, it’s an enjoyable one indeed.


Chocotexturas Cake IDR 130k
Chocolate cake with 10 forms of chocolate, chile arbol chocolate ice cream
Do you know that chocolate and chili go well together? The combination might be uncommon but once you try it, you’ll get hooked on the enticing flavors. It’s rich, bold, not overly sweet, perfect dessert to end the meal.


Overall, Carbón is definitely the place to visit for something new and different as you’ll get your tastebud tingled with unique dishes that you cannot find anywhere else in town. If you love to explore your tastebud, give it a try and let us know which one is your fav 🙂

Carbón Restaurant
Instagram : @carbon.jkt
MD Place 11th floor, Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Jakarta, Indonesia

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday:

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