DOG MINISTRY (Dog Cafe, Hotel, Grooming, etc) – PLUIT, Jakarta

Meet our new CUTE FINDING!! Dog Ministry in Pluit, North Jakarta, a one stop destination for dog lovers: in house dog cafe, rooftop dog park, dog pool, dog hotel & day care, also dog grooming & spa.

In recent years, we’ve become more and more obsessed with dogs but honestly we’re not ready with the commitment to adopt one yet due to our busy schedules. That’s why me & Mr. Jajan are super happy with this exciting new place!

Situated in one spacious building near Pluit Village Mall, the shop provides complete services for dog lovers and dog owners.

roof top park

Inside cafe there are around in house 40 dogs where you can play with them, you can also bring your own dog to play inside too. The admission fee for cafe is IDR 50k/person or IDR 15k/dog.

dog cafe

If you’re planning to visit, please please pleaseeee note that they’re not toys, so treat the dogs gently with lotsa love okay?!

The small dogs are super cute!! Somehow two black poodles got really attached to Mr. Jajan, they love him and keep lying down next to him. Too cute!

There’s also one cute little micro pig called Mr. Piggoy. Being alone with all dogs and human, the micro pig gets scared easily and it doesn’t like to be held forcibly, so please treat Mr. Piggoy gently!

Mr. Piggoy

Besides small dogs, there are large dogs like Huskies too. They’re super active!

Our visit to Dogs Ministry has simply brightened up our mood. Hopefully they can maintain the cleanliness of the shop and happiness of the dogs cause we can see ourselves visiting often.

Dogs Ministry
Jalan Pluit Indah Raya No. 4
Pluit, North Jakarta
Instagram: @dogsministry
Phone: +628118078678

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 21.00


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