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Living in urban city like Jakarta, it’s very challenging to keep the healthy lifestyle, as Indonesian most of you might be familiar with Jamu or traditional Indonesian herbal drink, it can help to keep a balanced healthy lifestyle and you can find it in Roemah Djamoe by Jamu Jago located in Plaza Senayan and Pasar MOI Jakarta, as well as other cities like Semarang and Solo. Continue reading ROEMAH DJAMOE BY JAMU JAGO – Jakarta



Yoyoyoooo, any deep fried food lovers here?? As we all know, Katsu is a popular deep fried dish from Japan. Besides having crunchy texture on the outside, it’s also very important to maintain the juiciness of the meat while making sure that the katsu is not greasy. For legit Japanese katsu fix, Katsutoku Premium Katsu in Senayan is certainly a great option. Continue reading KATSUTOKU – PLAZA SENAYAN, Jakarta


From USA to Indonesia, the original brand of THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY is now open in Jakarta, Indonesia at Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Lippo Mall Puri, and Pondok Indah Mall. Continue reading THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY – Jakarta, Indonesia



Unacho Hitsumabushi is a Japanese restaurant located in Plaza Senayan that offers traditional and modern, set and also a la carte Japanese dishes with charcoal grilled unagi as one of their specialty. Continue reading UNACHO HITSUMABUSHI – PLAZA SENAYAN, Jakarta


Giant Xiao Long Bao IDR 48k
Giant Xiao Long Bao IDR 48k

Originated from China, Xiaolongbao is a famous dumpling dish that people usually call Soup Dumpling since you can slurp pipping hot soup from inside the dumpling. The cooking process requires great technique since they need to keep the skin elastic so it won’t break when served. In Jakarta, one of the famous places for Xiaolongbao is none other than Din Tai Fung. For holiday season, Din Tai Fung launched several seasonal menu including the GIANT XIAO LONG BAO that got me excited!! Continue reading GIANT XIAO LONG BAO – DIN TAI FUNG, Jakarta


Minced Meat Ra-Men IDR 71k
Minced Meat Ra-Men IDR 71k

Marutama Ra-men is one of the authentic restaurants ramen originated from Japan. At this moment you can find Marutama in Plaza Sentral Senayan 1 and Plaza Indonesia. Continue reading MARUTAMA RA-MEN – New Menu



Hello Sahabat Jajan! Have you heard about Wingstop in Indonesia and tried their product? Wingstop is one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in the US where they have successfully transformed chicken wings from a popular appetizer into a tasty and shareable meal. Continue reading WINGSTOP INDONESIA

Wine Pairing Dinner – VIN+


VIN+ is a pioneer when it comes to wine, their first branch VIN+ Kemang was opened in 2004 providing more than 1.000 different international wine label for wine lovers or enthusiasts. Continue reading Wine Pairing Dinner – VIN+

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

aw kitchen

Pasta House AW Kitchen first restaurant was opened by Akira Watanabe in Nakameguro – Tokyo, AW Kitchen is named after the managing chef of the restaurant Chef Akira Watanabe. And now Jakarta is the first AW Kitchen international branch managed by Jaddi Foods group. Continue reading AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

Dragon Boat Festival at Paradise Dynasty

paradise dynasty bakcang

Dalam rangka merayakan Dragon Boat Festival, Paradise Dynasty menyediakan Bakcang mulai dari periode 29 Mei – 16 Juni 2013.

Ada 2 varian rasa yang ditawarkan Original dan XO Sauce, Continue reading Dragon Boat Festival at Paradise Dynasty

Mille Crêpes at Sushi Tei

Akhir-akhir ini AnakJajan entah kenapa sedang doyan and cannot get enough of sweet dessert 🙂 Mulai dari si Mr Jajan yang keep craving for rich dark chocolate cake, hingga Mrs Jajan yang sedang demen dengan sweet and sour lemony stuff (will share some recipe about it).

Ohya, in case Sahabat Jajan belum mendownload free eMagz from AnakJajan, you can download it here dimana edisi pertama membahas tentang macam-macam cake dan edisi kedua membahas tentang food from all around the world.

Setiap kali ke restoran, AnakJajan selalu melirik menu dessert yang tersedia, salah satunya menu Green Tea Mille Crêpes di Sushi Tei. Konon katanya Mille Crêpes yang tersedia di seluruh outlet Sushi Tei di Jakarta ini disupply oleh salah satu online cake shop Mionette.

Green Tea Mille Crêpes IDR 28k

Sepotong mille crêpes dipatok Continue reading Mille Crêpes at Sushi Tei

e-Magazine : 2nd Edition – Food from All Around The World

Download the latest edition

Hi Sahabat Jajan! Sesuai dengan janji kita untuk meliris eMagazine AnakJajan setiap 2 bulan sekali, setiap edisinya AnakJajan tetap akan membahas tempat makan dan jajan yang asik dan enak untuk para Sahabat Jajan, namun tentu saja dengan tema yang berbeda.

Continue reading e-Magazine : 2nd Edition – Food from All Around The World