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Sometimes, a quick cafe break can brighten our mood. Just recently AnakJajan found out that in Shell Gas Station, you can find great range of food and beverages in mini cafe & minimart called Shell Select & Deli2go, we think this might be a great info to share with you all especially if you spend a lot of your time on the road. Continue reading DELI2GO – SHELL Select


Suki is an all time fav comforting hotpot dish with pipping hot broth and mix of ingredients like meat, seafood, dumpling, vegetables, etc, and one of recommended places for it in Jakarta is Grandma’s Suki located in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk), Kelapa Gading, and Maxx Box Village Lippo Karawaci. Continue reading GRANDMA’S SUKI – Jakarta


Jajangmyeon (Cajang Myun) IDR 60k

Amaroo Korean & Chinese Restaurant, Amartapura Apartment, Lippo Karawaci.
Following our previous trip to South Korea, somehow without realizing, AnakJajan’ve been doing food hunting mission to find Korean food hidden gems in Jakarta and the surrounding areas, to find recommended restaurants with majority Korean customers and recently Amaroo Restaurant is one of our favorite finds with Jajangmyeon or Korean black bean noodle dish as their signature and most popular dish. Continue reading AMAROO RESTAURANT – KARAWACI, Tangerang (Updated)

MYEONG GA MYEON OK Korean Restaurant – Karawaci, Tangerang

Myeong Ga Myeon Ok

A few weeks ago, AnakJajan went to Karawaci because we wanted to go to Sajiva Coffee. But the moment we arrived, we were starving and decided to have lunch first. Mr.Jajan was craving for Korean food and curious about Myeong Ga Myeon Ok. Continue reading MYEONG GA MYEON OK Korean Restaurant – Karawaci, Tangerang

SAJIVA COFFEE & CERAMICS, Karawaci – Tangerang


Hello Sahabat Jajan!! Long weekend is over, what did you do? Did you travel overseas? Me and Mr. Jajan are still tired from our previous trip to Japan, so we decided to have a relaxing holiday in Jakarta, we spent our time by doing cafe/ restaurant hopping with friends and family. Out of many places we visited, the newly opened Sajiva Coffee & Ceramics in Lippo Karawaci area is one of our most favorite spots. Continue reading SAJIVA COFFEE & CERAMICS, Karawaci – Tangerang



Quiznos is a popular franchised restaurant brand originated from US that is famous for their Premium Sub Sandwich. At this moment, there are two outlets of Quiznos in Indonesia especially Jabodetabek area, first outlet is in Rawamangun East Jakarta area and then second outlet is located in Supermal Karawaci. Continue reading QUIZNOS SUB JAKARTA – Indonesia

Pan & Flip Restaurant

pan & flip

Hello, Sahabat Jajan!! What’s your favorite food?? Chinese? Indonesian? Or Western?? What are the most common problems you face every time you dine out with a group of people?? That would be choosing where and what to eat rite?? Where each person has different appetite and want to enjoy a different kind of food. Well that no longer will be a problem because Pan & Flip has it all!! Continue reading Pan & Flip Restaurant