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GOOMA Tea Bar – Jakarta

Beverage business trend is growing rapidly in recent years, it gets bigger and more creative. Out of many new beverage brand, Gooma has caught our attention thanks to their different and unique concept, that’s why AnakJajan think it’s worth sharing on the blog. Continue reading GOOMA Tea Bar – Jakarta



Talking about seafood, here in Indonesia we have lots of amazing seafood dishes with flavorful and addicting seasoning. From grilled, soup, fried till steamed seafood, we just cannot resist the appetizing flavors. If you need a recommendation for a great place for seafood, AnakJajan must say that Dermaga Makassar Seafood at The Breeze BSD is one of the most recommended places. Continue reading DERMAGA MAKASSAR SEAFOOD – The Breeze BSD

WEE NAM KEE – Indonesia

wee nam kee

Wee Nam Kee is a famous Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant originated from Singapore that has been established since 1987, the restaurant has expanded its business to Indonesia where you can find their first outlet at The Breeze BSD City, Tangerang. Continue reading WEE NAM KEE – Indonesia