Porterhouse for Two IDR 1,800k

After New York, Miami, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, etc, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Jakarta by Wolfgang Zwiener is now open in Jakarta. Located at Elysee Mall SCBD rooftop floor, it is an interesting addition to Jakarta’s food scene especially for meat/ steak lovers.

Steak Garlic Rice IDR 220k

Our visit to Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Jakarta was a few months ago, precisely on March 2020 for Mr. Jajan’s birthday celebration. I chose this restaurant because Mr. Jajan loves good quality of steak, special person deserves special treat❤️

We heard that the restaurant is always full so we called the restaurant to make reservation in advance.

During our visit on March 2020, the restaurant was still on soft opening phase if we’re not mistaken because that’s how it felt like, even though the waiters were polite, the service was kinda messy, we were seated for quite a long time without given menu and we can see the staff were overwhelmed.

Menu selection is quite simple: appetizer, soup, salad, prime steak, seafood, sides. The food gladly didn’t take long to be served after ordering.

welcome bread

Steak Garlic Rice IDR 220k
This one is a must order side dish. The rice was cooked to perfection, not mushy with each grain perfectly separated. Seasoning was amazing, savory and buttery but not too heavy seriously so good we enjoyed it until the last spoonful. Chunks of beef were tender and the addition of garlic flakes were genius.

Steak Garlic Rice IDR 220k

German Potatoes IDR 120k
Simple, tasty, pricey. It’s basically grilled potatoes with onion, seasoning was spot on and the potatoes were cooked nicely, soft with nice char on the outside, however the amount of onion was just too little, as you can see from the pictures below.

German Potatoes IDR 120k

Porterhouse for Two IDR 1,800k
Ok, let’s talk about the steak, it was the main reason we visit the restaurant (of course!). The primesteak is USDA prime and they dry aged the beef in their own aging box. Me and Mr. Jajan opted for Porterhouse for Two, we can choose the steak doneness but it’s highly recommended to get medium rare doneness in order to get best flavor of the meat.

Porterhouse for Two IDR 1,800k

The steak was served on sizzling hot plate, similar style with Ruth’s Chris Steak House. AnakJajan gotta admit that their steak was superb, tender and really pack a punch! Super tasty you don’t need any sauce, just a little pinch of salt would be enough. 100% APPROVED!

Porterhouse for Two IDR 1,800k

Since we were already really full, we decided to skip dessert. For sweet ending, they offer a few selection of menu like cheesecake, key lime pie, hot fudge sundae, etc.

Overall, as the name suggests, steak is surely their main star, hopefully they’ve improved their services right now coz they serve one of the best steak in town we must say.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Jakarta
Elysee Mall, Rooftop 6th floor
Lot 21, SCBD
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta, 12190

Phone: +6221-50110955 or +62811150955

Instagram: @wolfgangssteakhouseindonesia


Instagram: @wolfgangsteakhouseindonesia

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