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Time to continue our travel diary in South Korea, this time we’re going to talk about a special place, one of our favorite places to visit on #AnakJajanKOREA trip last autumn, Nami Island (Namiseom 남이섬 종합휴양지) in South Korea. Continue reading [KOREA] NAMI ISLAND (NAMISEOM) – Travel Guide

[KOREA] PETITE FRANCE, Gapyeong – Travel Guide

petite france

As seen on our instagram @ANAKJAJAN or hashtag #AnakJajanKOREA, last November, AnakJajan travelled to South Korea and just like Japan, we instantly fell in love with Seoul, the city is sooo beautiful especially during autumn season, we left so many memories in our heart. One of the memories that we want to share with you is Petite France. AnakJajan were planning to go to the famous Nami Island, but Petite France is located not very far from Nami Island, so we visited Petite France first, and continued our trip to Nami Island by ferry. Continue reading [KOREA] PETITE FRANCE, Gapyeong – Travel Guide

[KOREA] FOOD GUIDE – What to Eat in Seoul

korean food

Raise you hands if you love Korean food!! Sahabat Jajan, what do you know about Korean cuisine? Besides Kimchi, Ramyun, Bibimbap and BBQ, Korean cuisine is actually very diverse and rich. In this post AnakJajan gonna show you wide variety of Korean cuisine that you can find in Korea especially Seoul. We’ll explain and show you what kind of food are Jimdak, Sundubu, Mandu, Kimbap, etc actually. Continue reading [KOREA] FOOD GUIDE – What to Eat in Seoul