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PASTA MARCHE AWKITCHEN by Akira Watanabe – PIK Avenue

Black Angus Sirloin IDR 228k

Combining authentic Italian cuisine with Japanese twist, AWkitchen by chef Akira Watanabe has been one of our favorite restaurants in Jakarta for pasta. After Plaza Indonesia and Plaza Senayan, AWkitchen has opened their third outlet in PIK Avenue mall with new concept named Pasta Marche AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe. Continue reading PASTA MARCHE AWKITCHEN by Akira Watanabe – PIK Avenue



Martabak Telur Isi Beef IDR 55k

Introducing one of the newest hangout spot in Pluit-Muara Karang area called KAKAKUKU (Kangen Kangen Kumpul Kumpul) located near Waduk Pluit serving wide selection of food in affordable price like Indomie, Sate Taican, Ropang, Martabak, etc. Continue reading KAKAKUKU – PLUIT, Jakarta

MR. MUSA KOREAN RESTAURANT – Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Having an extreme craving for Korean food and missing the country so much, AnakJajan often hunt for legit Korean restaurant in Jakarta, you know the legit ones that are usually visited by Korean. After a deep search, we found this interesting looking Korean restaurant called Mr. Musa located in Kelapa Gading and give it a visit without hesitation. Continue reading MR. MUSA KOREAN RESTAURANT – Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

JIN BAO – Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta

Meet the new interesting addition to PIK’s food scene. JIN BAO, serving unique dishes inspired by traditional Chinese delicacies fused with rich Asian palate like Baos, Sheng Jian Bao, Rice, Noodle bowls and snack. Continue reading JIN BAO – Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta


Union goes North! One of the most successful Brasserie & Bakeries has finally joined North Jakarta food scene with the opening of Union in PIK Avenue Mall. Continue reading UNION – PIK AVENUE MALL, Jakarta


SIZZLING GOOD!! Taking Japanese-style Hotplate Rice trend to the street, Gocha Gocha is one of yummy street food vendors that is worth visiting. Following their 1st outlet in Sunter area, Gocha Gocha has recently opened 2nd outlet in Pluit area. Continue reading GOCHA GOCHA – Jakarta

DEPOT GIMBO BABI ASAP – Muara Karang, Jakarta

Babi Asap Hotplate IDR 45k

Depot Gimbo is one of the must visit spots in Bali for pork and se’i lovers, and you know what? They have recently opened an outlet in Muara Karang, YESSS DEPOT GIMBO IS NOW OPEN IN JAKARTA!! Continue reading DEPOT GIMBO BABI ASAP – Muara Karang, Jakarta

SORA CROQUANT CHOU – Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Vanilla Ice Cream or Camambert Cheese Ice Cream

Great news for North Jakartans, after the 1st outlet in Lippo Mall Puri, Sora Croquant Chou is now open in Mall Kelapa Gading. Speaking of Croquant Chou, it’s one of happening new creations that’s extremely popular nowadays in Japan especially Tokyo, gladly now we can easily find it at Sora Croquant Chou. Continue reading SORA CROQUANT CHOU – Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

MAY STAR RESTAURANT – Mall Artha Gading, Jakarta

5 Combination Barbecue May Star IDR 268k (S)/ IDR 402k (M) / IDR 536k (L)

Kelapa Gading area in Jakarta is undoubtedly one of famous areas when it comes to food. There are tons of options to choose, for great Chinese food and dimsum, AnakJajan gotta say that May Star in Mall Artha Gading is by default one of the best places. Continue reading MAY STAR RESTAURANT – Mall Artha Gading, Jakarta

PIK​ ​AVENUE​ -​ ​Taste​ ​of​ ​The​ ​World Culinary Festival 2017

Happy long weekend Sahabat Jajan!! If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Jakarta, we got you a recommendation, a premium culinary festival in PIK Avenue Mall, Taste of The World that lasts for 11 days from 21st September till 1st October 2017. Continue reading PIK​ ​AVENUE​ -​ ​Taste​ ​of​ ​The​ ​World Culinary Festival 2017


Who’s agree that good food can put you in a good mood? Out of many Nasi Campur or Chinese mixed rice out there, Pontianak style has a special place in our tummies, in fact it’s one of our most favorite food in Pontianak and recently me and Mr. Jajan were just happy to have our cravings fixed with Nasi Campur Akwang, yes you read it right, Nasi Akwang from Pontianak is now open in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Continue reading NASI AKWANG – Jakarta


Kagoshima Beef 48k + Foie Gras IDR 48k

Food scene in Kelapa Gading has been excitingly evolving this recent years with lots of new additions and if you’re Japanese food lovers especially sushi, we got you a new recommendation Sushi Nara in Kelapa Gading Boulevard Raya street that serves both classic authentic and fusion sushi dishes made fresh daily. Continue reading SUSHI NARA – KELAPA GADING, Jakarta