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Mix Flame Broil Combo IDR 99.9k

S.G.D. The Old Tofu House is a restaurant originated from Seoul since 1962 serving Korean comfort food and you can find it in Jakarta at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) and Pondok Indah Mall (PIM). Continue reading SGD THE OLD TOFU HOUSE – Jakarta

GOOLA – Authentic Indonesian Drinks, Jakarta

Goola or read Gula means sugar, it’s a new beverage brand focusing on authentic Indonesian drinks with modern twist by Gibran Rakabuming Rama the son of Indonesian president.

Es Merdeka 45 IDR 27k (M)

Out of many new beverage brands, Goola’s unique concept caught our attention immediately because unlike other brands, they focus on bringing Indonesian drinks to the next level, that’s why AnakJajan think it’s worth sharing on the blog.

Recently we visited Goola’s Plaza Indonesia outlet (near Foodhall) at the opening day, there was a press conference by Mr. Gibran and partners. We learned the fact that Goola uses Oxium Plastic that only lasts for 2 years so it is more environmentally-friendly, gotta give them thumbs up for the effort.

Plaza Indonesia

On another occasion we also visited Pacific Place Mall outlet since we were curious with the taste of Goola’s drinks. If we’re not mistaken, Goola’s has opened a few outlets: Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place Mall, Cikini, MKG1, Tokopedia Tower.

Pacific Place

There are many options to try:
Signature Series (Es Doger Jeger, Es Merdeka 45, Es Goola Aren, Es Cincau, Es Kacang Hijau, Es Ketan Hitam)
Tea Series (Teh Pandan Coco, Teh Melati Coco, Teh Papa, Teh Mama, Teh Markiskis, Teh Terong Belanda)
Refreshing Series (Jerit, Nano-Nano, Markiskis, Terong Belanda, Es Blewah)
Coffee Series (Goolatte, Kopi Hitam, Kopasus, Kopi Susu Gula Aren, Komandan – Kopi Susu Pandan)

Here are some of the drinks we’ve tried:

Es Doger Jeger IDR 27k (M)/ IDR 30k (L)
This one tastes as good as it looks! It consists of green sticky rice, coconut flesh, coco foam, fermented cassava and “dasar doger”. For us it’s more like a dessert instead of drink, wonderfully fragrant with nice texture and flavor combination between the ingredients. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Es Merdeka 45 IDR 27k (M), Es Doger Jeger IDR 27k (M)

Nano-nano IDR 23k
The tamarind based drink has nostalgic flavor for us. It reminds us of old-school tamarind candy, refreshing sweet with subtle sour taste. Personally we prefer it to be more sour though but nevertheless it was still enjoyable.

Nano-nano IDR 23k, Es Merdeka 45 IDR 27k (M), Es Doger Jeger IDR 27k (M)

Es Merdeka 45 IDR 27k (M)/ IDR 30k (L)
Local version of bubble drink with coconut milk, red tapioca pearls, coco pandan syrup and signature coco foam. Love the fact that the coconut taste in it was smooth creamy without overpowering.

Es Merdeka 45 IDR 27k (M)

Es Blewah IDR 23k
For refreshing drink option, this one is our top favorite. Sweet and refreshing with basil seeds and cantaloupe, perfect thirst quencher on hot sunny day.

Es Blewah IDR 23k, Es Doger Jeger IDR 27k (M)

Overall, AnakJajan think that it’s a good idea to bring traditional Indonesian drink in a more convenient and more accessible concept. It tastes great as well, can’t wait to try other varieties soon.

Plaza Indonesia Mall LG floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30, Central Jakarta 10350

Pacific Place Mall 4th floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. 52-53, South Jakarta 12180

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Dry Ramen IDR 58k + Soft Shell Crab IDR 30k

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Black Gyukatsu Set IDR 260k

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Funny Side Up Curry IDR 52k

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Prime Chuck Roll Steak x Wagyu IDR 250k

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Linguine Boscaiola IDR 115k

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