TUCANO’S CHURRASCARIA – AYCE Brazilian BBQ & Buffet, Jakarta

AnakJajan know you all LOVEEEEE ALL YOU CAN EAT! So there you go, a rather different and unique recommendation, Tucano’s Churrascaria AYCE Brazilian BBQ & Buffet in Sudirman area, Jakarta.

AnakJajan recently visited Tucano’s Churrascaria located next to Citywalk Sudirman for a change, to try authentic Brazilian style cuisine and Churrasco. The restaurant serves both in a la carte and AYCE buffet dishes and to keep the authenticity of flavor, the head chef came all the way from Brazil🇧🇷.

Churrascaria means a restaurant serving grilled meat, the waiters will move around serving the meat directly on the table. It surely offers a unique and rare eating experience that you can’t get easily in Jakarta.

On AnakJajan’s visit, we tried the AYCE package, of course when it comes to AYCE, 99.9% of you gonna ask about the price. So there you go the price list for Churrasco + Buffet + Free Flow Drink:
Weekday Regular Lunch IDR 258k++ (Mon-Fri for 90 min)
Weekday Regular Dinner IDR 358k++ (Mon-Fri for 120min)
Weekend Regular Lunch IDR 358k++ (Sat-Sun & Public Holiday for 120min)
Weekend Regular Dinner IDR 398k++ (Sat-Sun Public Holiday for 120min)
Premium Wagyu IDR 548k++ (Everyday Lunch/ Dinner for 120min)
(Free for 3 years old & below, and 50% OFF for 4-12 & above 65 years old)

Regular package consists of Fraldina (outside skirt), Chicken Heart, Chicken Leg, Sausage, Garlic Steak, Picanha (top sirloin), Pineapple & all menu in buffet area.

Premium package consists of Garlic Steak, Picanha (top sirloin), Pineapple, Alcatra (sirloin), Shrimp, Hump & all menu in buffet area.

AnakJajan had the Weekday Regular Lunch IDR 258k++. On the buffet area, there are plenty of options like Starter, Salad, Dressing, Appetizer, Dessert, Fruit, & Bread, you can walk around and grab whatever you like.

For Churrasco, you’ll get 3 signs with different color for you to put in the table: Yellow means asking for Pineapple, Green means asking for meat, Red means stop/enough food.

Looking at all the huge grilled meat being sliced and served in front of us is surely a very appetizing experience.

Grilled Chicken Leg & Sausage are never wrong choice, it was well seasoned and incredibly juicy!

Grilled Chicken Leg & Sausage

Fraldinha is a fulfilling option for meat lover, it’s basically grilled outside skirt meat seasoned with sea salt. Personally Picanha or top sirloin is AnakJajan’s favorite, it was so tender, juicy and full of flavor with amazing grilled aroma.


Garlic Steak

Oh, remember to try the Grilled Pineapple because IT’S DAYUM! Uber sweet and juicy with lovely caramelized aroma. It’s best enjoyed between meat since the refreshing taste can clean the palate.

Grilled Pineapple

To accompany Churrasco, there are 3 options of sauce condiment; Spicy Sauce (spicy with a little bit of acidity and red wine in it), Vinegar Sauce (perfect for extra tangy kick with white wine in it), and Mushroom Sauce (creamy, mild and savory).

Caipirinha IDR 95k
Lime wedges, white sugar, ice cube

Caipirinha IDR 95k

Overall, great eating experience, nice flavor, and good ambiance in Tucano’s Churrascaria. It turns out Brazilian food is awesome, we’ll definitely come back for more since we’re eyeing on the Premium Wagyu package.😍

Tucano’s Churrascaria
Pavilion Retail Arcade Ground Floor Unit D 01-12
Jl. K.H Mas Mansyur Kav.24 RT.12/RW 11
Central Jakarta
Instagram: @tucanos_jakarta
Opening Hours: 11.30-15.00 (Lunch), 17.30-22.00 (Dinner)


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