Famous for their Mala Hotpot, HaiDiLao Hot Pot has opened their first outlet in Indonesia at Gandaria City, Jakarta.

Finally the wait is over, the popular hotpot chain restaurant from China has opened in Gandaria City near North Lobby. Besides Gandaria City, second outlet is now open at Taman Anggrek Mall too.

The last time we had HaiDiLao was in Singapore. One different thing we notice is the pricing, compared to HaiDiLao Singapore, it’s much cheaper here in Indonesia, around half the price.

Perhaps due to the soft opening, they bring staffs from overseas to maintain the soft opening situation, that explains why many of the staff can’t speak Indonesian, we have to communicate with them in mandarin or english, but of course there are Indonesian staffs too. During peak hour, you might need to queue for hours, while waiting they provide free snacks and fruits for customers.

The service is as nice and as attentive the service we had in Singapore. The staff provided us lens cleaning wipe for our glasses, hair tie, apron, helped us cook the ingredients, etc, typical great service from HaiDiLao.

You can choose the soup between 1, 2, or 4 flavors. Since we wanted to answer our curiosity, we picked 4 soups for IDR 176k: Szechuan mala, Three Combinations soup (mushroom and chicken stock), Salted Vegetables soup and Tomato soup.

Besides those 4, they also have Mushroom (a lighter version of sukiyaki) & Tomyum soup.For the soup, you can adjust the soup thickness based on your preference, then for Mala soup you can even adjust the spicy and numbing level.

Salted Vegetables Soup was okay, tasty but as suitable for hotpot as other soup. Tomato soup was nice with fresh tangy kick, perfect to clean the palate or to get rid of any greasy feeling.

Me and Mr. Jajan decided to get normal level of Szechuan Mala, it was really spicy, you have to be careful or you’ll get choked by the spicy taste. It is more suitable to dip and cook the ingredients with this soup instead of sipping it.

Three Combinations soup was our top favorite. We ordered extra thick option for this and it came out just nice. Savory, flavorful and comforting.

Condiments & Sauce IDR 30k/ person
The only thing we don’t like from Hai Di Lao is they charge additional 30k/ person for free flow sauce condiments including fresh fruits, peanut snack and some kind of jelly dessert. In our case, we ordered 1 pax of sauce since Mr. Jajan didn’t want any dipping sauce, but in the end they automatically count it as 2pax and charged us 60k, it got us confused. Perhaps that’s the rule, if one of the person from table order it, they will charge everyone in the table.

Sapi Short Plate Premium IDR 68k

Sapi Short Plate Premium IDR 68k

Pork Shoulder
Some of you might wonder if Haidilao Indonesia serves pork, the answer is yes. They have pork menu.

Pork Shoulder
Pork Shoulder

Cakwe Goreng IDR 30k
The use of fried dough fritter is an oddly delicious ingredient for hotpot. It will absorb all the delicious flavor from the broth. Out of all broth, surprisingly we enjoyed it with Tomato soup the most, the tangy fresh taste from soup was perfect option to get rid of any greasy taste from fried dough.

Cakwe Goreng IDR 30k
Cakwe Goreng IDR 30k
Lotus roots

Babi Goreng Crispy IDR 58k
The deep fried pork was normal, properly made but nothing to shout about since we has better one from other places. We suggest you to dip the crispy pork info mala soup for 3 seconds and eat it immediately while it’s still half crispy.

Babi Goreng Crispy IDR 58k

Lao Mian Khas Haidilao
One of the specialty of Haidilao, homemade pulled noodle made directly in front of customer. It’s fun to watch and you can request the noodle’s thickness.

Lao Mian Khas Haidilao
Lao Mian Khas Haidilao

Pasta Udang Khas Haidilao IDR 68k
This one is SO GOOD!!! Ahhhmazingly delicious, shaped into prawn balls, it was crunchy and bouncy in the mouth.

Pasta Udang Khas Haidilao IDR 68k

Pasta Udang Khas Haidilao IDR 68k

Overall, the opening HaiDiLao is surely a good news for hotpot and mala lovers. It was good but I think our hotpot experience from Hai Di Lao Singapore was slightly better (tastier).

Gandaria City Lt. GF, MU, No. 37
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, South Jakarta 12240
Phone +6221-27015851


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