Matcha Gateaux Chocolat 580 yen (1yen = IDR 110)

[JAPAN] Nana’s Green Tea Cafe


When in Japan, eat Matcha Green Tea!! If you are a huge fan of matcha, AnakJajan guarantee you will obviously gone mad the minute you reach Japan because you can easily find anything green tea/ matcha almost anywhere. Nana’s Green Tea is a popular matcha chain established 14 years ago in Japan. They are the pioneer of Japanese Matcha Greentea Cafe. But nowadays you can find Nana’s Green Tea outlet in Singapore and Malaysia too, good news right?!! Continue reading

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Bakut Teh Kering (dry bak kut teh) IDR 50k, Cakwe or fried youtiau or dough fritter IDR 5k

HOKI Klang Bak Kut Teh Jakarta

hoki bakut

Tastiest food doesn’t always comes from the hippest or the most happening hangout spots, don’t you agree?? Besides hangout at fancy cafe or restaurants, neither we nor you sometimes also eat at simple humble eatery especially on daily basis. Yesterday AnakJajan accidentally found a new eatery named HOKI Klang Bak Kut Teh at Gajahmada area. Continue reading


[NEW] OPEN Restaurant – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta Diponegoro

Right in the central of Jakarta, there’s a new hotel just opened (June 2014) that is DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. DoubleTree by Hilton is located in Cikini area, literally near Cikini train station. Inside the hotel, you can find their all day dining buffet restaurant called OPEN restaurant.

Continue reading


[JAPAN] Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen Japan


When you come to Japan, ramen is one of the mandatory dish that you should try. That’s why this time we would like to introduce you with Ichiran Ramen, one of the most popular tonkotsu ramen noodle chain in Japan. Continue reading

Yokubari Aglio Olio IDR 72k

Popolamama Jakarta Indonesia


Do you like Japanese food and Italian food?? Then you should totally visit Popolamama, newly opened fresh pasta & Napoli pizza chain from Japan at Indofood Tower, Mall Taman Anggrek and Grand Indonesia. Continue reading


Padma Hotel Bandung – Wedding Proposal Diary


There is one question that I keep received from my friends after getting proposed, “how did he proposed?”. When it comes to my personal life, I don’t fancy talking about it to anyone, it’s not because I’m hiding it or it’s a secret, it’s just because I naturally never like sharing any details about my life.

Just like this particular wedding proposal story, at first I just want to keep it alone, but recently after we got married on 27 April 2014 and back from our Japan honeymoon (you can see our Japan honeymoon trip on our instagram @AnakJajan & @iamMarius with hashtag #AnakJajanJAPAN) I decided to pour it on this blog because I want to have a detailed record while I still have a clear and good memory about it. After all, the main reason I made this blog is to be me and Mr. Jajan’s diary, well mostly about food because we love to eat (together) :)

Continue reading

ramen museum

[JAPAN] Shinyokohama Ramen Museum – Yokohama

Ganja Dip Ramen (Tsukemen)
Ganja Dip Ramen (Tsukemen)

After Fujiko F. Fujio / Doraemon Museum, before we head back to Tokyo we decided to visit Ramen Museum in Yokohama because it’s in the same direction on our way back to Tokyo.

Ramen Museum is located at Yokohama near Shin-Yokohama station. Basically it’s closer to Tokyo than Fujiko F. Fujio / Doraemon Museum at Kawasaki, it’s like Continue reading


Dobudon Donut – Serpong


Kawaii overload!! Beware of super kawaii photos on this post. In Japanese, ‘Kawaii’ means cute, actually AnakJajan had saw this kind of cute decorated donut at Japan but we didn’t manage to found the store and try it and we are super excited knowing that now in Indonesia (Dobudon at Serpong) also available this kind of cute donut. So after we are back from our Thailand trip (lot’s of super interesting places at Thailand that we will share with you later), I immediately ask Mr. Jajan to bring me there. Continue reading

Karubi Amiyaki IDR 280k

SAKE+ Senopati Jakarta

Cute sake glass
Cute sake glass

NEW hangout spot at Senopati Area alert!! Sake+ just opened 2 days ago a new restaurant offering Japanese Cuisine with complete range of sake by VIN+ Group.

Continue reading

Wujanggun Yangnyeom Galbi IDR 240k

Wu Jang Gun Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta

Wolter Monginsidi No. 34
Wolter Monginsidi No. 34

Wu Jang Gun, new authentic Korean restaurant recently has just opened this month. Located right beside Mastro meat market at Wolter Monginsidi area near Senopati – Gunawarman area, this restaurant is easy to find. Continue reading

Let's Jajan!!

Let’s Jajan at Fresh Market PIK

fresh market pik

Eating out at Market can be fun too!! Last week, me and Mr. Jajan decide to woke up earlier and had breakfast at Fresh Market Pantai Indah Kapuk like we used to do back then. Continue reading




Cold Pressed Juice is made with special juicer machine that will not heat up at all, it’s simply the best way to retain and preserve all of the vitamins and nutrients. And another thing you might need to know is in order to produces a glass of juice, they need to use one big bowl of Continue reading

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