[PHILIPPINES] Ultimate Travel Guide/ TIPS to have fun in Puerto Princesa – Palawan

cebu 2

Helloo, I’m back!! First of all I wanna thank Cebu Pacific Air for making this trip possible. I must say that my #AnakJajanPhilippines trip was totally amazing and beyond my expectation. There are so so sooo many stories I want to share with you but this time I’m gonna talk about Puerto Princesa. Continue reading

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SUKIYA Japanese Gyudon Beefbowl – Jakarta

Spring Onion and Egg Beef Bowl IDR 34.5k
Spring Onion and Egg Beef Bowl IDR 34.5k

GOOD NEWS!!! Finally Sukiya the famous gyudon restaurant from Japan is open in Baywalk Mall North Jakarta.
Sukiya is one of the most famous Japanese chain restaurant serving beef bowl or gyudon in Japan. Having more than 2.000 restaurant outlets, you can easily find their branch almost everywhere in Japan. Continue reading


[PHILIPPINES] Let’s Travel to Philippines!!


Mabuhay!! Currently writing this post from Manila, Philippines because I’m super excited and couldn’t wait to share detailed story about #AnakJajanPhilippines trip. Continue reading


[JAPAN] Matsurokuya – Matsuroku House Roppongi おんぞうし まつろくや


Matsurokuya – Matsuroku House at Roppongi, Tokyo. This time AnakJajan are going to share with you one of the MOST worth and BEST lunch deal we had in Tokyo, Japan. Just like what we told you from our latest tips on Ultimate Japan Travel Guide / TIPS, if you want to have more fancy meal but still with affordable price make sure you have your meal during lunch and order Lunch Set Menu available. Most restaurants or cafe always offer lunch set menu with more affordable price than dinner or a la carte menus. Continue reading

Pork Ribs Rica-rica

Pala Adas Indonesian Bistro – PIK Jakarta

Clockwise: Nasi Pandan IDR 8k, Avocado Coffee IDR 38k, Gurame Matah IDR 72, Iga Babi Tiga Rasa IDR 158k
Clockwise: Nasi Pandan IDR 8k, Avocado Coffee IDR 38k, Gurame Matah IDR 72, Iga Babi Tiga Rasa IDR 158k

Where do you eat Indonesian food usually? If you are looking for a new place with new taste, you can try visiting Pala Adas Indonesian Bistro at Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Continue reading

Tsujiri Roll Set THB 159 (around IDR 58k)

[THAILAND] Kyo Roll En – Kyoto Lifestyle Cafe

Kyo Roll En

Time for dessert post!! Kyo Roll En is a famous Kyoto Lifestyle Dessert Cafe specialized in Japanese Matcha Softcream and Roll cake at Bangkok, Thailand. Continue reading


Branche Bistro Senopati Jakarta


Another new hangout spot on the Senopati!! Seriously almost every time we went to Senopati we will find a new restaurant or cafe on this street. This time is Branche Bistro, located exactly beside Pipiltin Cocoa Senopati and across the also newly opened Sake+. Continue reading

panda curry

[RECIPE] Panda Japanese Curry Rice

panda curry

Hiiiii, it has been a while since the last time AnakJajan post recipe blog post :) This time we will share easy yet tasty Japanese Curry Rice Recipe. Continue reading

Lava Chocolate Cake IDR 38k

The Fctry Bistro and Bar Jakarta

The Fctry Bistro and Bar

Last Saturday, AnakJajan spent pre-dinner afternoon break at The Fctry Bistro and Bar St. Moritz Puri Indah Jakarta, it’s one of the new and hippest hangout spot at near west Jakarta area. Continue reading

japan tips

[JAPAN] Ultimate Japan Travel Guide / TIPS

Market at Ueno
Market at Ueno

[UPDATE: Downloadable PDF version will be available soon. Download link will be updated in this post.

As I’ve said before on our Instagram, Traveling alone is REALLY FUN!! Because your schedule will be flexible and you can arrange the itinerary based on your interest or your mood. But on the other side, it also can be really CHALLENGING especially if you are traveling to a non English language country such as Japan.

Beside Oishi, Kawaii, Aishiteru, Sushi, Ichigo, etc, I barely understand their language, I also cannot read Japanese at all, yet I’m super confident going to there alone with Mr. Jajan. The only and one secret behind it is Continue reading

Waffle Oreo IDR 15k + Nutella IDR 10k + Banana IDR 5k

Woodpecker Coffee Panglima Polim Jakarta


How do you describe you perfect coffee shop?? Great music, nice coffee, fast wifi connection and cozy ambiance?? Well this newly opened Woodpecker Coffee Shop at Jakarta Panglima Polim area might be the answer. Continue reading

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