When booking for a flight, many of you might be wondering, is it worth it flying Business Class or First Class?? For us, the answer would be yes especially if you’re on a long haul international flight.

A comfort flight is necessity when traveling. Being able to relax and have a good rest on the flight definitely help to set the holiday mood right on.

AnakJajan’re pretty sure that we’ve all dreamed about flying Business or First Class and wondering what is it like flying in the non-economy seat.

Well in that case, we’re going to show you the perks of flying Business Class based on our experiences. Here are 8 Benefits of Flying Business Class:

1. Priority Check-In
Check-in procedure is much easier and more convenient. We can avoid long queue and sit comfortably while the staff do the check-in process.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

2. Additional Baggage Allowance
Well it depends on the airline policy but usually Business Class has more baggage allowance. It surely is a good news especially for a big shopaholics.

3. Business Class Lounge
While waiting for the boarding time, we can enjoy Business Class Lounge facility. Again, it depends on the airline and airport, but usually inside the lounge, we get to enjoy endless of food as well as good rest to recharge the energy. Some Business Class Lounges even have shower, massage and sleeping room facilities.

4. Priority Boarding
Whenever they’re ready, we will be the first they call, talking about first priority, no more queueing.

5. Bigger Better Seat
Well this is the major benefit that AnakJajan enjoy the most, bigger seat and more space for us to rest. Most Business Class seat can be adjusted into flat bed position, fully comfortable flat bed for us to sleep on. Yass!! Last year, AnakJajan had a long international flight from Jakarta to Madrid, lucky us we were flying in Business Class, we had the most restful flying experience even though it was around 18hours in total.

6. Fine Dining
Imagine being welcomed by a glass of champagne or fresh juice, then enjoying full course of gourmet meal. The food will keep coming we’ll never get a chance to feel hungry since they spoil the passengers with lots of food from snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper complemented by wide selection of wines and beverages.

7. Amenities & Facilities
Comfortable pillow and blanket✅, fancy socks✅, complete amenity kits✅, noice-cancelling headphones✅, bigger screen and more inflight entertainment✅, how can you not love this?

8. Be the first to leave the aircraft
Another perks of flying Business, we don’t need to queue since we’ll get the first priority to leave the aircraft.

Ok, time for travel tips! Speaking of non-economy flight (Business Class and First Class), do you know that now you can book non-economy flight via Traveloka app??

The new feature makes Traveloka app even more convenient, it’s like one stop app for travel needs. So when searching for flight, we can choose the Seat Class, there are Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class.

With Business and First Class seat options available, we can immediately compare the price from the search result, AnakJajan find it very convenient since we don’t need to head over to different airline websites anymore.

Oh, do you still remember our previous Travel Tips about Finding Best Flight Ticket Price with Traveloka’s Price Alerts feature?? Well, you can set Price Alerts for Business and First Class too, so the app will help you to monitor and find the best price within your budget, who knows you can get lucky and find amazingly good deal?! Oh one more thing, you can enjoy Reschedule feature for your non-economy flights too for free!

AnakJajan bet you’re tempted to book a flight immediately after reading this. The benefits above are based from AnakJajan’s personal experiences, hopefully next time we have the chance to experience First Class and share it with you all, fingers crossed 😀

Of course other than the benefits we mentioned above, there are more other benefits from flying with Business Class or First Class depends on the airline or airport like Chauffeur Service, Onboard Lounge/ Bar, etc. Thank you for reading and have fun planning your trip!

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