Besides restaurant review, I usually love to write recipe blog post too because cooking is one of my favorite hobbies besides eating. I enjoy the preparation and mixing process turning ingredients into a delicious meal.

Kraft Cheese Instagram Toast
Kraft Cheese Instagram Toast

I love to explore any kind of recipe starting from snacks, breakfast, main course to dessert. But being super busy, I often explore the ‘easy recipes’ and when the recipe is successful I will share it on the blog.


If you want to cook but you are busy or new in the kitchen, you can try the recipe on our blog, most of the recipes are easy to make and don’t require much skill and time, just like one of the most popular recipe Microwave Brownie we posted recently on the picture above that only require less than 5 minutes to prepare and cook, very simple and yummy of course.
wf pizza

But besides that I also enjoy watching cooking show or cooking competition show.

 mysweetmoment shangrila
 mysweetmoment shangrila
mysweetmoment shangrila

I love to watch other people cooking and looking at how they process the ingredients into meals always entertainand inspire me. And one of my most favorite show would be the MasterChef, the most popular cooking competition for talented amateur cooks. And we are super excited knowing that there will be the first ever MasterChef Asia soon!!

They are currently looking for contestants across Asia. If you are or you know someone who is a talented home cook and want to bring it to the next level, then you should apply now at and who knows maybe this could be the chance to live out your dreams.
MasterChef Asia is presented by the Singapore Tourism Board and Knorr, in association with Panasonic and Changi Airport Group and you can apply at from now until 16 March 2015.

masterchef asia

Lifetime is available on Indovision(SD: Ch. 167), Big TV (SD: Ch. 221, HD: Ch. 220), First Media (HD: Ch. 359 & First Media Go), Transvision (SD: Ch. 509), Topas TV (SD: Ch. 285).


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