Any fans of Acai here? Although it’s easier to find Acai smoothie bowl in Jakarta these days, there are only a few good ones, by good ones I mean the one that tastes yummy and packed with lots of acai. Out of many we’ve tried, AnakJajan personally would say the newly opened Acai Bar in Senopati has one of the best Acai bowls in town.

Holiday Bowl
Holiday Bowl

Acai is a kind of berry that’s known as super food and it is very beneficial and nutritious for our bodies. It’s rich in fiber and packed with antioxidants, healthy omega, and vital nutrients. If done right, Acai smoothie bowl can taste incredibly good.

Rio Loco IDR 85k
Malibu Surfer IDR 75k

As the name suggests, acai is the connecting link of all products in Acai Bar. You can find 5 variety of Acai Bowls and 12 options of add-on toppings. In addition to that, they also have Acai Blend or Acai-based beverages that are suitable for grab and go.

Ranging from IDR 65k to IDR 85k, the price might be more on the high side but that’s because they use substantial amount of imported Acai Puree which costs more but taste better, maybe that’s the major differences between Acai Bar and other places.

Rio Loco IDR 85k
Acai, Almond Milk, Banana, Honey Nut Granola, Avocado, Mango, Raspberry, Chia Seeds, Honey Drizzle
On the first spoonful, AnakJajan can totally get the rich taste of Acai with smooth thick texture and just the perfect level of sweetness. All the ingredients add complexity and boost the flavor of the acai nicely. Rio Loco has a more refined taste since it uses almond milk and Mr. Jajan loves it so much!

Rio Loco IDR 85k
Rio Loco IDR 85k
Rio Loco IDR 85k

Malibu Surfer IDR 75k
Acai, Guava Juice, Banana, Honey Nut Granola, Sliced Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Coco Flakes, Honey Drizzle
Basically all acai smoothie bowls here have only subtle different taste since they use large amount of acai puree. The use of guava juice in Malibu Surfer creates a fresh finish. The honey nut granola is seriously sooo good! Crunchy and sweet in subtle way without overpowering.

Malibu Surfer IDR 75k
Malibu Surfer IDR 75k
Malibu Surfer IDR 75k

Holiday Bowl IDR 85k
In the mood of holiday season, Acai Bar has launched new seasonal menu called Holiday Bowl, basically the base is similar with Signature Amazon with the combination of Acai, Apple Juice, and Banana but with special toppings; Gingerbread Man, Peanut Butter, Speculoos Jam, Banana and Speculoos cookie crumbs. The smoothie has a nice subtle sour taste from the use of apple juice which is just perfect with creamy nutty toppings. My kind of bowl of happiness!

Holiday Bowl

Holiday Blend IDR 80k
Besides smoothie bowl, they also have seasonal drink version with delightful speculoos taste in it. Just look at the festive sprinkles!!

Holiday Blend
Holiday Blend

Overall, AnakJajan can easily say that Acai Bar has one of the BEST Acai Bowl in town, the generous amount of acai puree makes it worthwhile and delicious. They’re doing an amazing job in choosing the right ingredients and combination to boost the flavor of acai, to let the acai being the star. Lots of love for Acai Bar!

Acai Bar
Jalan Senopati No. 25, RT.6/RW.3
Jakarta 12190
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 07.30 – 21.30
Phone: +6221-29054563


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