[RECIPE] KRAFT Cheese Banana

KRAFT Cheese Banana

During special days such as Eid Mubarak or Chinese New Year, there is one tradition that can not be missed which is sending hampers to special ones such as family or friends.

KRAFT Cheese Banana

That is why AnakJajan want to share with you a unique easy cook recipe that can be used as a hamper for special ones. The recipe called KRAFT Cheese Banana, it is inspired by one of the most popular souvenirs from Tokyo called Tokyo Banana.

KRAFT Cheese Banana

Most of my friends and family are very happy every time they receive boxes of Tokyo Banana that’s why I got an idea why not bake my own version of Tokyo banana and send it as hampers/ gift during special days for special ones.

KRAFT Cheese Banana
KRAFT Cheese Banana


2 recipes of Sponge Cake (cut into 16 squares)
(Recipe available on https://anakjajan.com/2015/06/30/kraft-tricolor-cheese-roll-cake/ )

kraft cheese banana
kraft cheese banana

130gr banana (peeled)
1 egg
200ml milk
3 tbsp sugar
50gr KRAFT Cheddar Cheese (long cut)
1.5 tbsp corn starch

kraft cheese banana
kraft cheese banana

1. Mash the banana

kraft cheese banana

2. Mix the banana with egg, sugar and corn starch

kraft cheese banana

3. Add milk, mix well and strain it

kraft cheese banana
kraft cheese banana

4. Cook the mixture in low heat, stir it constantly until it thickens. Leave it cool

kraft cheese banana

5. Cut the sponge cake into square shape
6. Put cheese and cream on top of the cake, roll and wrap it with plastic wrap

kraft cheese banana

7. Chill it inside fridge before serving it

The Cheese Banana cakes are as delicious as Tokyo Banana. Just a very nice balanced of texture and flavor, sweet and savory, smooth and soft fluffy in one bite. So addicting!

kraft cheese banana

By the way, if you are too lazy to make a sponge cake, you can try using plain bread and roll the banana custard with cheese inside. It goes really well too with plain bread.

kraft cheese banana

Instead of the regular cakes or cookies, I’m sure your friends or family will be very happy to receive these Cheese Banana cakes. Give it a try and share your story about giving back to the special ones at www.kejumooo.com and get a chance to win special prizes from KRAFT.

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