[JAPAN] DAILY CHICO – 8 Layers of Ice Cream, Nakano Tokyo


During #AnakJajanJAPAN summer trip, AnakJajan ate sooo many ice cream, sometimes more than 5 ice cream a day but this particular ice cream I had in Daily Chico – Nakano Broadway Tokyo by far is the most memorable one, just look at the size and its pretty color!

And I just couldn’t wait to blog about it, simply because the ice cream was awesome in terms of taste and presentation. I’m sure most of you ice cream lovers are also curious about it rite?! 🙂
Daily Chico has an extensive selection of soft cream flavors, to satisfy greedy customer like me, they have the extra large portion with 8 different flavors in one cone.
480 JPY
It is the tallest ice cream cone I’ve ever had with Strawberry, Coffee, Milk, Chocolate, Matcha, Banana, Grape and Ramune Soda flavors.
All of them are equally delicious and surprisingly compliment each other nicely.
But specially the coffee one was soooo so good we decided to order another portion! 😀
If you are not sure you can finish the extra large ice cream portion, you can simply order small or medium size with cone or cup. 


In terms of price, it is extremely affordable considering the generous portion. 250 JPY cone/ 270 JPY cup small size, 330 JPY cone/ 350 JPY cup medium size and 480 JPY cone extra large size just like the one I had (around IDR 50k). 


Daily Chico is located in basement floor of Nakano Broadway, an oldschool shopping center with nostalgic feeling. If you are not sure where to find it, simply save the picture of this colorful icecream and show it to people inside Nakano Broadway to ask for direction 🙂
Fyi, Nakano Broadway is around 5-10 minutes walk from Nakano Station (around 5 minutes train ride from Shinjuku Station to Nakano Station).


The shop is just a small little stall without any seating area and you cannot bring your ice cream outside. So you have to stand in front of the stall and finish your ice cream. 
Fyi, there’s a supermarket located right behind Daily Chico if you want to shop some snacks, cooking seasoning/sauce, instant noodle, etc.

Overall, ice cream at Daily Chico was very enjoyable, it has balance creaminess and sweetness with smooth and soft texture. Highly recommended for soft serve ice cream lovers!! Let’s jajan!!


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Daily Chico / デイリーチコ
Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano Broadway B1F
Tokyo-to, Nakano-ku
Opening Hours: 10.00-20.00

5-10 minutes walk from Nakano Station (around 5 minutes train ride from Shinjuku Station to Nakano Station).


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