[JAPAN] TOKYO EATS – What & Where to Eat

There are endless options of food in Tokyo. Where is recommended places to eat in Tokyo? What do I have to eat? Those are probably one of the first questions you have whenever you reach Tokyo.

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Actually it’s hard to get a bad food in Tokyo because even any random place we visit usually has enjoyable food. Even the food in minimart or combini tastes amazingly delicious.

First of all, here are some quick eating tips:
1. Don’t hesitate to ask for English Menu. Yup, most of the restaurants in Tokyo provide English Menu so you will not lost in translation.
2. Free water. You can always save your money by not ordering drink since most restaurants in Japan provide free water.
3. In case if you want something new and not mainstream, ask for local recommendations.
4. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you’re in Japan already, be adventurous.
5. When in doubt, find the restaurant with long queue because when there’s a line, there’s a reason.

Ok let’s move to the main topic, what and where to eat in Tokyo. Here are some of the restaurants that simply cannot go wrong.


AnakJajan often received questions about recommended comfort food since many of you travel with family. While the younger ones are more adventurous, usually the older ones tend to be picky when it comes to food.

To answer those questions, we can easily recommend Osaka Ohsho, it’s basically Japanese-Chinese food restaurant with gyoza as their specialty, they serves various comfort food like noodle, rice, etc, the kind of food that you will never get bored with. Oh, by the way, Osaka Ohsho has a few outlets in Jakarta, have you tried it?

For recommended menu, AnakJajan can easily say that their Original Gyoza and Tenshinhan or Omelette on Fried Rice are must order. Aside from that, we usually love to explore their seasonal menu like Unagi Fried Rice or Lobster Ramen.


Another comfort food would be Japanese curry, it’s yummy, easy to find everywhere and reasonably priced.

Since all menu at Coco Ichibanya Indonesia has no pork and no lard, we usually order Pork Cutlet Curry whenever we visit Coco Ichibanya Japan along with their seasonal menu. During our visit there was Onion Curry available and we simply have to give it a try.

For those who asked, in terms of curry taste, the curry in Japan is more peppery while the curry in Indonesia is more well-balanced, both are enjoyable and has its own characteristic. Perhaps you can try it on your own and compare it.


Whenever we visit Tokyo, we always love to try something new, one of our new findings would be BEEFst specializes in Roast Beef Abura Soba. Yup the noodle is dry noodle or you can call it “Bakmi Jepang”.

Personally AnakJajan love the Spicy Miso BEEFst the most, the roasted beef was sooo tender, it goes well with springy noodle with savory spicy bold taste.


If you are feeling adventurous and want to try something new, this Tomato Ramen could be one unique option. Ramen with cheese and tomato combination might sounds like an odd combination, but surprisingly they complement each other nicely. We had the Camembert Neapolitan Style Cheese Tomato Noodle.

AnakJajan gotta say that it’s worth trying especially if you enjoy tomato, the soup has rich creamy taste without being too heavy thanks to the fresh tangy flavor from tomato and the best part is the grilled aroma on the camembert cheese.


To answer question from our deal Moslem friends, yes there are Halal restaurants in Japan. One of it is Coco Ichibanya.

The green signage is special for their Halal outlet, yup the special outlet has Halal certification. You can find the Halal outlet in Akihabara & Shinjuku Kabukicho.

The consistency of Halal curry is a bit more watery but in overall it’s still enjoyable.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading. We’ll share moreeeee recommendations on the next blogpost hopefully SOON, meanwhile you can check our Instagram posts with #AnakJajanJAPAN hashtag for recommendations.

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