Warung Mak Dower has been on my “want to go” list for quite some time. Since we had a photoshoot at Kelapa Gading area, we decided to have dinner at Warung Mak Dower at Pemuda, Rawamangun specializes in Betawi cuisine.

Being out of country for 2 weeks makes us crave for Indonesian food soooo badly, we just miss all the rich tasting dishes not to mention the spicy ones. Visiting places like Warung Mak Dower simply makes our tummies excited.

Warung Mak Dower serves humble Betawi cuisine, that explains the popularity of Jengkol dishes there. You can find various dishes like Lalap, Chicken, Fish, Salted Fish, Salted Squid, Jengkol, Pete, Duck, and many more ranging from IDR 5k to IDR 55k.

Udang Dower IDR 25k

Udang Dower IDR 25k
Udang Dower is basically deep fried small shrimps. It was crunchy and delicious just the way we like, best enjoyed with spicy sambal.

Udang Dower IDR 25k

Udang Dower IDR 25k

Semur Jengkol IDR 20k
This is Mr. Jajan’s order (yesss he loves Jengkol). The semur was delicious with well balanced seasoning without being too sweet, Jengkol itself was quite tender with all the seasoning fully absorbed into it. It would be more perfect if they use jengkol without skin.

Semur Jengkol IDR 20k

Ayam Nampol IDR 22k
Deep fried chicken drizzled with spicy sambal. The sambal has medium level of spiciness so it’s not burning and very enjoyable.

Sayur Asam IDR 14k
Their sayur asam and rice has self service system. You can scoop your own rice and sayur asam as much as you need. Sadly the taste of their sayur asam was disappointing, not sour enough, not seasoned enough, just bland.

Sayur Asam IDR 14k

Ayam Ngacir IDR 25k
Deep fried chicken topped with lots of deep fried shallots. Chicken was as good as expected, nicely marinated, but the winner would be their salty deep fried shallots, it goes really well with rice!

Ayam Ngacir IDR 25k

Pete Bawang IDR 25k
A simple dish but well made, deep fried shallots with pete or stinky beans. Their deep fried shallots were really good with rice! Sooo good, I don’t mind having it with rice without any other dish.

Pete Bawang IDR 25k

Kacang Panjang Ganjen IDR 22k
The seasoning of stirfried long beans and tempe dish was on point, very enjoyable.

Kacang Panjang Ganjen IDR 22k

Cumi Ting Ting IDR 14k
Their deep fried salted squid was simply addictive!! Salty, chewy and very tasty! So good, we ended up getting one more portion.

Cumi Ting Ting IDR 14k

Overall, our first visit to Warung Mak Dower left good impression, tasteful dishes, reasonable price. There are still many other dishes we want to try, definitely will be back for more.

Warung Mak Dower
Jl. Pemuda No. 72
Rawamangun, East Jakarta

Phone: +6221-22868623


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