WAN23 ROAST DUCK – Citywalk Gajah Mada, Jakarta

Visiting Citywalk Gajah Mada for the very first time and Wan23 Roast Duck restaurant instantly caught out eyes with its unique concept.

Bebek Peking IDR 158k/ half portion, IDR 288k/ full portion

Lumpia Durian IDR 98k

Upon arriving, we were welcomed by lots of lucky cat ornaments. The restaurant decor is very pretty and instagrammable contemporary concept with soft pink ornaments every corner. They even use pink tablewares, so cute!

Looking at their menu, it’s easy to guess that Roast Duck is their specialty dish, aside from that they have plenty of dimsum, noodle and Chinese cuisine dishes too.

Another thing that caught out attention is the touch of pink color on their dimsum menu. Me and Mr. Jajan were wondering about the coloring ingredient and we’re glad to know the fact that they use natural coloring like pomegranate or red yeast rice (ang kak).

Teh China IDR 18k

Bebek Peking IDR 158k/ half portion, IDR 288k/ full portion
Since special roast Beijing duck is their signature dish, AnakJajan couldn’t miss the chance to try it. The serving process is quite interesting since the staff will bring the whole duck, then slice and serve it in front of you.

The duck meat and skin were as good as expected, juicy tender with no unpleasant duck smell. To enjoy the duck meat, you can wrap the meat with thin pancake along with cucumber, rock melon, green onion and duck sauce for one mouthful of yummy goodness. The pancake texture was very soft instead of chewy elastic like the one we usually had, nevertheless it was still tasty.

Bebek Peking IDR 158k/ half portion, IDR 288k/ full portion

Bebek Peking IDR 158k/ half portion, IDR 288k/ full portion

Char Siu Pao IDR 32k
Since it was Sunday morning, we had some dimsum to complete our day. The steamed barbecued pork buns came in cute pink color, The use of pomegranate as natural coloring gives the food a nice touch of pink color without adding any specific taste. The bun was fluffy with generous and flavorful filling.

Char Siu Pao IDR 32k

Siumay IDR 38k
Me and Mr. Jajan usually judge the quality of dimsum from their siumay and we gotta admit that Wan23 makes great one. It was very meaty, packed with savory shrimp and pork, very juicy and fresh.

Siumay IDR 38k

Hakau IDR 38k
We have no complain for this dish, skin was thin and elastic, shrimp filling was generous and fresh. It was already tasty as it is without the need to add any sauce.😋

Hakau IDR 38k

Tim Kaki Ayam IDR 32k
One of our top favs! If we must say, Wan23’s Steamed Chicken Feet is one of the best in town for us personally. The chicken feet has nice soft texture, seasoning was excellent with just the right amount of seasoning without being too overpowering, also not to mention the harmonious balance between sweet and salty. DAYUM!

Tim Kaki Ayam IDR 32k

Lumpia Durian IDR 98k
Flaky pastries filled with durian paste shaped in cute swan presentation. The warm pastries were nicely made, crunchy and not greasy, but it wasn’t our fav because we personally enjoy durian in cold or room temperature, well it all comes down to personal preference.

Lumpia Durian IDR 98k

Cheong Fun Lumpia Udang Emas IDR 38k
Another must order item. Their pink rice rolls with prawn dish was as delicious as it looks. Gotta love the nice elastic texture of rice roll, fresh bouncy prawns, and also crunchy fun crunchy texture from rice puff topping.

Cheong Fun Lumpia Udang Emas IDR 38k

Black Garlic Lamian IDR 48k/ Spicy Lamian IDR 48k
Their lamian noodle menu is served with with Roast Duck. We got the Black Garlic and Spicy, honestly we didn’t have any expectation but it turned out to be so good. Mr. Jajan said that he enjoyed Lamian menu the most.

Black Garlic Lamian IDR 48k

Both were tasty with nice depth of flavor on the broth, rich and full of umami. Noodle was springy paired perfectly with juicy tender duck. Black Garlic has nice distinctive flavor with garlic ball and black garlic oil. On the other side, the spicy one was quite spicy but in an addictive level, it’s kinda hard to choose which one is better coz we enjoyed both very much.

Spicy Lamian IDR 48k

Puding Teh Earl Grey IDR 28k
For sweet ending, even though we were very full already, there’s always room for dessert. We opted for Earl Grey Milk Tea Pudding with boba, the pudding itself was very nice with jiggly but dense texture, not too sweet and very aromatic typical earl grey milk tea. The brown boba itself, there are rooms for improvements, it is more as a complement only to add chewy texture to the pudding.

Puding Teh Earl Grey IDR 28k

Overall, our dining session at Wan23 honestly exceeded our expectations. They manage to offer both good food and good place. Definitely worth visiting! 😊

Wan23 Roast Duck
Citywalk Gajah Mada – 1st Floor
Jl. Gajah Mada No.211, Gajah Mada
West Jakarta, 11120
Instagram: @wan23.id

Opening Hours:
Everyday 10.00 – 22.00


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