Offering Korean fish cake products, all the way from Busan, South Korea to Jakarta, Indonesia, Samjin Amook has opened their first outlet in Central Park Mall.

This past weeks, AnakJajan have received a few requests from Sahabat Jajan to review Samjin Amook, so here you go, a closer look at Samjin Amook.

Chili Pepper Croquette IDR 14k

Crowned as number 1 fishcake brand in South Korea, AnakJajan heard that if you visit Busan, big chances that you’re going to bump into Samjin Amook’s store. AnakJajan’s first experience with Samjin Amook was last year when we visit Singapore, we had a few of their signature items and it was enjoyable.

Their first outlet is located on LG Floor in Central Park Mall, the concept of their store is called fishcake bakery, you’ll see a bakery-style display of products focusing on take out. The price is relatively affordable ranging from IDR 10k to IDR 27k.

Amook means fishcake in Korean. It’s freshly made daily with most of the ingredients imported directly from South Korea, we can see the cooking process from their open kitchen.

Knowing that some of you might concern about Halal factor, AnakJajan managed to gain some important informations from the staff. So basically Samjin Amook has two main factories in South Korea that produce all the product and ingredients, and the factory for Indonesia outlet uses no pork and no lard, that explains the use of beef bacon in Indonesia’s outlet.

The store display offers more than 40 varieties with different texture and flavor. According to the display, there are 5 main categories for their products: Croquette, Hot Deli, Amook, Special Creation, Good to cook at home.

Amook Fritter IDR 12k
This one has a soft delicate texture compared to other, one of our top favorites. It tastes savory, sweet, rich in umami and not fishy at all, which are totally plus points in term of taste.

Amook Fritter IDR 12k

Beef Bacon Roll IDR 27k
This gigantic stick of juicy amook with nice bouncy texture is wrapped in beef bacon for nice smoky flavor sensation.

Beef Bacon Roll IDR 27k

Shrimp Paprika IDR 18k
Apparently not all items are made form fish, some item uses squid, some uses prawn. For example this one uses shrimp and paprika, it has bouncy yet juicy texture which we really enjoyed.

Shrimp Paprika IDR 18k

Cheese Croquette IDR 14k
Croquette category has softer texture with filling in the middle. For Cheese Croquette, it’s filled with mozarella and cheddar cheese which surprisingly goes well with amook, it mellows down the taste of fish cake, resulting a creamier taste sensation.

Cheese Croquette IDR 14k
Cheese Croquette IDR 14k

Amoook Toast IDR 22k
The triangle menu looks like bread toast but it’s actually amook filled with ham and cheese. The unique combo turns out to be very delightful, you’ll get a nice umami taste from amook, then smoky savory aroma from ham, and then creamy taste from cheese.

Chili Pepper Croquette IDR 14k

Fried Chili Pepper IDR 23k
This unique one has a whole chili pepper filled with assorted vegetables, prawn and amook then wrapped in amook and bread crumb then deep fried until golden. It doesn’t taste as spicy as it looks, in fact you’ll get a nice contrast of texture and flavors. Mr. Jajan loves it.

Fried Chili Pepper IDR 23k

Fried Chili Pepper IDR 23k

Goblin’s Mace IDR 25k
As as potato lover, this one instantly got my attention, handmade amook coated with diced potato and then deep fried. You’ll get a nice hash brown like sensation on the outside with juicy amook on the inside.

Goblin’s Mace IDR 25k

Overall, great texture, nice flavor, interesting variety, as the name suggests, the fishcake game in Samjin Amook is strong. With history for 65 years since 1953, they surely know how to make a good and tasty fishcake. Out of many items we tried, Cheese Croquette, Amook Fritter, Amoook Toast, and Shrimp Paprika are our most favorite items.

Samjin Amook
Central Park Mall LG Floor
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman I No.Kav.28
West Jakarta 11470


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