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[RECIPE] Kimbap Tempura


Hello Sahabat Jajan, do you cook often?? What kind of dishes that you cook the most? Mine would be any easy cook recipes, as long as it is tasty, doesn’t require any complicated cooking process or hard to find ingredients then I’m in! 🙂 Continue reading [RECIPE] Kimbap Tempura

Let’s Jajan with Bango Warisan Kuliner App

bango app

Where to eat? What to eat? Is the food in that restaurant recommended? Where to find legendary cuisine? Which menu we should try? These kinds of questions always haunt us every time we are going out to eat. That’s why we are delighted knowing that we have an app to answer these problems, that is Bango Warisan Kuliner App.

Continue reading Let’s Jajan with Bango Warisan Kuliner App

Let’s Shop and Jajan at Bazaar Addict


When it comes to bazaar, I always went crazy, always want to buy everything from all of the booths. Just like yesterday when I visited Sakura Blossom Bazaar by Bazaar Addict at Gandaria City Main Street Area. Continue reading Let’s Shop and Jajan at Bazaar Addict

[RECIPE] Fish Cake Laksa


Laksa is one of AnakJajan’s favorite dishes during our visit to Malaysia or Singapore. It is also one of a delicacy that we crave for back home. Luckily, we won’t have to long for it anymore. As it turns out to be quite easy to cook. Continue reading [RECIPE] Fish Cake Laksa

[PHILIPPINES] The Peninsula Manila Hotel – Makati

peninsula manila

Now that you know top 5 recommended spots to visit at Manila from our last Philippines post the next question would be where to stay right?? Continue reading [PHILIPPINES] The Peninsula Manila Hotel – Makati

[PHILIPPINES] Top 5 Must Visit Spots in Manila

manila 5 spots

Where should I visit?? This would be the main question for any traveler right?? This time I’m gonna share with you top 5 must visit spots in Manila – Philippines. List of recommended and famous tourist spots that you must visit during holiday in Manila. Continue reading [PHILIPPINES] Top 5 Must Visit Spots in Manila

[PHILIPPINES] Ultimate Travel Guide/ TIPS to have fun in Puerto Princesa – Palawan

cebu 2

Helloo, I’m back!! First of all I wanna thank Cebu Pacific Air for making this trip possible. I must say that my #AnakJajanPhilippines trip was totally amazing and beyond my expectation. There are so so sooo many stories I want to share with you but this time I’m gonna talk about Puerto Princesa. Continue reading [PHILIPPINES] Ultimate Travel Guide/ TIPS to have fun in Puerto Princesa – Palawan

[PHILIPPINES] Let’s Travel to Philippines!!


Mabuhay!! Currently writing this post from Manila, Philippines because I’m super excited and couldn’t wait to share detailed story about #AnakJajanPhilippines trip. Continue reading [PHILIPPINES] Let’s Travel to Philippines!!

Ramadhan with KRAFT Cheese

kraft ramadhan

How do you usually celebrate “Hari Raya” or Ramadhan?? These kind of special days of course need special dishes to be celebrated together don’t you think? Continue reading Ramadhan with KRAFT Cheese

Deals @ Di Kota Kita

Hiiii, AnakJajan ketemu satu website baru lagi yg nyediain voucher-voucher diskon dengan pilihan deals yg menarik2 juga, namanya www.dikotakita.com,kebetulan lagi ada voucher bakso and mrs jajan lagi craving for bakso, pas banget deh hehehe.

Apalagi sekarang tanggalan menuju pertengahan bulan udah menunjukkan petanda-petanda kantong kering, padahal Continue reading Deals @ Di Kota Kita