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Getting stressed for delayed flight?? That’s nothing compared to all of our airport dramas, imagined spending the night sleeping in the airport, spending time at your holiday destination with your luggage missing for 3 freaking days, or missing flight TWICE?? Continue reading AIRPORT & FLIGHT DRAMA DIARY (+Travel Tips & Trick)




Hello Sahabat Jajan, do you still remember our blogpost about Trick Eye Museum? During our visit to Singapore, AnakJajan stayed at The Westin Singapore. The Westin Singapore is a 5 stars hotel located centrally in the financial district of Singapore near the iconic Marina Bay Singapore, let’s have  a quick tour around the hotel. Continue reading THE WESTIN HOTEL SINGAPORE



Bali is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for holiday. Where is your favorite place to spend your day in Bali? Temple? Beach? Café? Restaurant? Hotel? Resort?



Trick Eye

Hello Sahabat Jajan!! Holiday is coming soon!! Where do you spend your holiday usually?? I’m sure that most of you already been and often go to Singapore rite? Then what do you do when you go to Singapore besides eating and shopping? Well AnakJajan want to recommend you a place with unique experience, Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Continue reading TRICK EYE MUSEUM SINGAPORE

[JAPAN] Yanaka – Old Town of Tokyo


Finally another Japan travel diary post. I’m very happy and deeply honored that some of you are waiting and enjoying our Japan travel blog posts. This time I’m gonna share with you one of our most memorable places at Tokyo, that is Yanaka. Continue reading [JAPAN] Yanaka – Old Town of Tokyo

[JAPAN] Spring Memories at Showa Kinen Park – Tachikawa Tokyo

showa kinen

Showa Kinen Park is a very popular destination to visit during spring and autumn. Since it is spring already, AnakJajan decided to share with you our spring memories at Showa Kinen Park – Tachikawa Tokyo. Continue reading [JAPAN] Spring Memories at Showa Kinen Park – Tachikawa Tokyo

Weekend Staycation at Hilton Bandung

hilton bandung 2

Earlier this month, AnakJajan had a media trip weekend staycation at Hilton Bandung for the 2nd time exactly 1 year from the last visit. Continue reading Weekend Staycation at Hilton Bandung

ALAYA Hotel & Resort


When it comes to Bali, AnakJajan always love the serenity of Ubud area. A while ago AnakJajan had an amazing stay at Alaya Hotel & Resort Ubud Bali. Continue reading ALAYA Hotel & Resort

Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi

japan wifi

Hello Sahabat Jajan! Do you still remember our travel post about Ultimate Japan Travel Guide Tips?? We are very happy to receive so many positive responses from all of you. And there’s one particular topic that many of you are interested in, which is Internet Connection in Japan.
Continue reading Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi

Petani Restaurant – Alaya Ubud Bali


Where do you go usually when you are at Ubud, Bali for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even coffee or tea time?? Have you been to Petani restaurant?? This time AnakJajan are going to review Petani Restaurant at Alaya Ubud Bali. Continue reading Petani Restaurant – Alaya Ubud Bali

[JAPAN] Matcha Green Tea Diary


When visiting Japan, get yourself matcha greentea as much as you can. I don’t know why but I always went crazy every time I saw matcha related food or snacks. I always love the distinctive flavor from Japanese green tea, I don’t know if it’s just me of many of you also love matcha as much as I do. Luckily Mr. Jajan supports my obsession with Matcha because he gets to do his favorite activity too, that is eat! Hahahaha. This time I’m gonna share with you some matcha green tea stuff we had during our trip to Tokyo. Continue reading [JAPAN] Matcha Green Tea Diary

[JAPAN] Exploring Harajuku – Omotesando – Aoyama Tokyo


Hello, time to continue our Japan trip story. I know that it has been a while since the last time we published Japan travel post on our blog, actually there are still soooo many things that we want to share. Continue reading [JAPAN] Exploring Harajuku – Omotesando – Aoyama Tokyo