As a sweetooth person, most of you must already know that I’m a big fan of ice cream, the cold smooth creamy texture is simply irresistible but it used to be quite a big challenge for me to be able to enjoy ice cream without causing pain in my sensitive teeth.


While Mr. Jajan doesn’t have any problem, I’ve been struggling with sensitive teeth and I used to envy Mr. Jajan because he can enjoy ice cream without any problem. Being unable to enjoy my favorite ice cream has motivated me to find the solution, that is Sensodyne.


To solve that problem, I’ve been a genuine user of Sensodyne toothpaste + mouthwash for years. I honestly couldn’t be more happier to collaborate with the product that I’ve been using and trust for years to share with all of you about my #CeritaSensodyne.

With the help of Sensodyne product, I can happily enjoy ice cream and icy drinks without experiencing teeth twinge, I can even bite the ice cream with my teeth 😀


For the toothpaste, known for the 24/7 sensitivity protection, there are various types of Sensodyne toothpastes for every sensitive teeth person with different needs. As you can see in the pictures, I’m using Sensodyne Multi Action that besides to protect against sensitive teeth and tooth decay, also help remove plaque and maintain healthy gums, and for more protection I also use Sensodyne Mouthwash with new long lasting sensitivity protection along with Sensodyne Toothbrush that is specially designed for people with sensitive teeth.


Sensitive teeth person has different symptoms, some are sensitive with hot food, some are sensitive with cold food, some are sensitive with sweet or sour food, some are even sensitive with all of it. As for myself, icy cold food like ice cream or iced drinks can trigger my sensitive teeth in unpleasant way.


If you often experience teeth twinge, you can check your teeth sensitivity at www.sensodyne.co.id/Pemeriksaan-online/Pemeriksaan-online.html and see if you have sensitive teeth/not. The online check can help you analyze about the symptoms associated with your sensitive teeth, you can find out the factors that cause your sensitive teeth.

Well, that’s all of my #CeritaSensodyne, how about you? Share your #CeritaSensodyne on your social media from 1st Feb to 30th April 2017 and get a chance to WIN Exclusive Watch and other interesting prizes weekly also 2 IPHONE 7 PLUS for the selected #CeritaSensodyne. Check http://bit.ly/CeritaSensodyne for more info.

Facebook: Sensodyne Indonesia
Twitter: @Gigingilu
Instagram: @SensodyneIndonesia

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