Here you go, one of the most requested blog post sharing our holiday experiences in Genting Dream – Dream Cruises. AnakJajan are going to show you what is it like to be on a cruise, things to do or itinerary, and of course the food or restaurant inside the cruise.

Getting on cruise holiday has been one of our top bucket list, we bet some of you also have the same dream that explains the number of request for this blog post.

Last year on December 2017, AnakJajan finally got out bucket list checked off at Genting Dream by Dream Cruises, the trip we took was “2-Night Weekend Cruise” from Singapore.

Since the package is for 2 nights only, it’s more of a weekend getaway from the city with itinerary: Singapore -> Cruising Day -> Singapore.


Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

On the boarding day, we arrived early at Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore for check in. Don’t forget to bring your passport and booking details, also make sure to arrive early for check in since the queue could be quite long and time consuming.

NOTE: It’s highly recommended to bring only cabin size luggage so you can bring it with you inside the cruise because for large luggage, you have to check it in and it will be delivered to your room after late night.

Our room was Balcony Stateroom, even though the room isn’t big (20 sqm), but it’s adequately spacious enough for both of us with balcony for us to sit and enjoy the sea breeze. Since the cruise is uber huge, you won’t feel a thing onboard, so don’t need to worry about seasick.

If we’re not mistaken, the price for 2 nights cruise starts from SGD 445 per person, or SGD 890 per room (for 2 Persons in one room) including breakfast, lunch, dinner, room for 2 nights, free show, free activities and free entertainment. Please note that price varies, it depends on the season (low or high season) and room type. You can book directly at dreamcruiseline.com or go to the nearest travel agent.


Remember since you’re going to sail in the middle of the ocean, your phone connection will be “no service” most of the time. As for internet, you can purchase internet package onboard, although the speed wasn’t the best at least it’s sufficient enough for us to check email and social media.


Food is already included 3 times a day at the Inclusive Restaurants, so during breakfast/ lunch/ dinner guests can simply head to one of the restaurants. On our cruise there were 4 Inclusive Restaurants: The Lido (International Buffet), Dream Dining Room Upper (Chinese), Dream Dining Room Lower (Chinese), and Multi-function Room (International Buffet).

Breakfast – Dream Dining Room
Dream dining room
Breakfast – Lido Buffet
Breakfast – Lido Buffet

If you have extra budget for food, inside the cruise there are many Exclusive Specialty Restaurants worth trying, by exclusive means you have to pay for the food.

Uma Umi Teppanyaki

Uma Umi Teppanyaki, a Japanese teppanyaki and sushi bar restaurant. On the first night, AnakJajan visited Uma Umi for dinner, for teppanyaki they have a few selection of combo package from Appetizer (Salad), Soup, Main Course (Teppanyaki + Garlic Fried Rice), and Dessert ranging from SGD 58 to SGD 73. The chef was so funny and entertaining!

Uma Umi Teppanyaki

Bistro by Mark Best, specializes in contemporary Western cuisine, the restaurant by celebrity chef Mark Best is seriously worth checking out. We had lunch set SGD 197 for 2 persons including: Sydney Surf & Turf, Lobster Bisque, Premium Australian Steak, Lobster, Crab Leg, Tiger Prawn, Scallops, Tempura Oyster, Pandan Ice Cream with Mango & Anzac Biscuit. Everything was mindblowingly spot on! Nicely executed with amazing ingredients, best meal we had in the cruise.

Bistro by Mark Best
Bistro by Mark Best

For Chinese fine dining, you can check Silk Road restaurant with lush and glamour interior.

Silk Road
Silk Road
Silk Road


Anyone who loves outdoor activities will have so much fun with Waterslide Park, Basketball court, Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, Ropes Course, Jogging Track, Pool, Whirpools, Ping Pong, and Chess onboard all for free.

cinema at sea

rock climbing
mini gold

For indoor activities, you can spend time shopping at the boutique, going to casino, book a spa session, play bowling, or go to Zouk bar.

game arcade
game arcade

Every night at Zodiac Theatre, there’s show we can watch for free, on the first night the show was “China’s Got Talent – The Dream Experience”. And on the second night the show was “The Voyage of a Lover’s Dream”, it was an entertaining show about a love story between mermaid and astronaut with theatrical dance and melodious music.

Zodiac theatre

Overall, cruise is indeed a luxury integrated resort at sea. The experience was fun and different, AnakJajan gotta say cruise holiday is worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

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11 thoughts on “[SINGAPORE] GENTING DREAM CRUISE Experience”

  1. Hii.. Mau tanya kalo kita uda bayar untuk wifi di dalam cruise nya itu bisa dipakai untuk berdua ato harus beli 2 pax wifi nya y? thankyou

      1. Maaf paket Wifinya itu bisa untuk 2 gadget koq mba. Pada saat aktifasi untuk gadget ke-2 tetep masukin nomor Hp yang sama dengan yang daftar pertama kali.

  2. Hi there, would like to ask, for the 4 inclusive restaurants, does it mean we can go in as many times as we can when we are hungry 😛 as long as it is still breakfast, lunch and dinner time?
    By the way, is mineral water available on board?
    Thank u 😊

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply. As far as I remember, you can go to the inclusive restaurant 3 times a day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tap water is save to drink 🙂

  3. We were recently on board cruise to Redang, Ko Samui and Laem Chabang. Rough sea condition has ultimately that Captain has to cancel shore excursion to Ko Samui. A wise move so passenger’s safety utmost important. At Laem Chabang, you can go to Bangkok or Pattaya. Relatively speaking, Pattaya is good enough (50 minutes) drive bring you to the city. Good shopping malls, beach front plenty of foods and massage parlours. We choose to go to Pattaya, Central Festive plentiful of shopping. Good food restaurant style or food court eating.

    The inclusive dining outlets on board Genting Dream worth satisfying your gastronomic needs. Many savoury cuisines. We especially like the spreads at Lido Restaurant at Deck 16. Variety of food, Asian and Continental, pastries desserts. They have an Indian section, curry dishes superb. On Thursday evening sea galore. Lobsters, oysters, salmon dashiki, baby lobster mussels good plate and grilled crispy salmon. They replenish food and fresh fruits pretty fast. Royal Carribean don’t have such good spread. We were touched with Executive Chef Zul ‘S comment, “Don’t worry we have enough lobster for everyone. You happy we are happy. Just enjoy and join the line for second helping. ” Good saying, bravo. Other cruise will serve you one portion only.

  4. Hi May i know when you said ‘phone connection will be “no service” most of the time’, does it means even i get data plan to net, it will also be no service?

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