If there’s one dish that we miss the most whenever we travel abroad, that would be Nasi Padang! Who’s with me?? 😀 Today 31st March 2017 is the opening day of new restaurant, Padang Merdeka in Kota Tua area, Jakarta.

Ayam Gulai IDR 19k
Es Terong Belanda

I think we all can agree that Padang cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in Indonesia, the bold flavor, the rich use of spices, there are sooo many interesting flavors and here in Padang Merdeka, they bring Padang cuisine to another level.It’s located across BNI, next to KPP Jakarta Penjaringan, you can spot the restaurant from the red gate.

Unlike any other typical Padangnese restaurant, Padang Merdeka brings unique and different concept into their interior where they elevate Indonesia’s patriotism for the theme. The tables and chairs are 100% created by local artisan, on the ceiling you can see patterned map of Indonesia, then Toraja batik pattern at the pillars as well as mural drawings of Indonesian heroes.

The serving style in Padang Merdeka is typical Padangnese restaurant where they serve all of the menu on the table, then you pay in accordance with what you consume.

Dendeng Batoko IDR 20k
Dendeng is Indonesian version of beef jerky. The dendeng batoko here tasted enjoyable with tender texture and delightful spicy kick from the red chili.

Dendeng Batoko IDR 20k

Ayam Pop IDR 19.5k
One of the iconic dish in Padangnese restaurant is Ayam Pop and actually there are many variations of it. Here in Padang Merdeka, the chicken is cooked in coconut milk, it might look plain and simple but the taste is incredible to be honest.
The chicken was soft and juicy, cooked in coconut milk for extra savory taste and a bit of sweet aftertaste. It’s served with special chili sauce made with more than 10 ingredients resulting a very complex taste (in a good way).

Ayam Pop IDR 19.5k

Beef Rendang IDR 20k
I guess one the most basic factors that determines whether this padangnese restaurant is legit or not is from their rendang. AnakJajan usually judge the restaurant from the quality of their rendang and Padang Merdeka’s version of beef rendang is certainly legit!! The beef was tender enough with bold and rich spices cooked until shiny, ENAK!

Beef Rendang IDR 20k

Ayam Goreng IDR 19k
The fried chicken here is also delicious, nicely marinated and then deep fried till golden and served with crunchy “kremesan”. For dipping sauce, they pair it with some kind of sweet soy sauce based sauce that reminds me of “rujak” sauce.

Ayam Goreng IDR 19k

Kikil Gulai IDR 20k
For “kikil” lovers, you might consider trying this menu. It comes in generous portion with rich flavorful “gulai” broth, just look at the shiny smooth and thick broth, the chef certainly knows how to cook “gulai” nicely.

Kikil Gulai IDR 20k

Sambal Udang IDR 25k

Sambal Udang IDR 25k

Gulai Otak IDR 20k // Ayam Gulai IDR 19k

Gulai Otak IDR 20k // Beef Rendang IDR 20k // Ayam Gulai IDR 19k

For extra pleasure and complete meal experience, the other side dishes like Sayur Singkong (cassava leaves) IDR 12k, Perkedel IDR 12k, Sambal Ijo/ Merah IDR 9.9k, etc should not be missed.

Sambal Merah IDR 9.9k
Sambal Ijo IDR 9.9k

Overall, Padang Merdeka is doing an impressive job in bringing Padang Cuisine to the next level while still maintain authentic taste of their food nicely. We can see the great potential of this restaurant both for local and international customers are surely going to enjoy their time and food here!

Padang Merdeka
Jl. Lada No 1, Taman Sari
West Jakarta, 11110
Opening Hours: 09.30 – 00.00
Instagram: @padangmerdeka


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