There’s undeniable charm from Hotpot All You Can Eat, the pipping hot delicacy is comforting, addicting yet uber satisfying and we got you a new yet awesome recommendation, the newly opened Lac Mei Che Hotpot All You Can Eat + Buffet + Drinks, Jakarta (辣妹子火锅 自助餐).

Just an information, Lac Mei Che Hotpot and Lac Mei Che restaurant both are different but still managed by the same owner. Lac Mei Che Hotpot is the new restaurant located in Samanhudi street, Pasar Baru, right beside Classic Hotel Pasar Baru, not far from Gunung Sahari or Mangga Besar. The restaurant is very spacious with large parking space.

The All You Can Eat (AYCE) Hotpot has maximum 2 hours of seating time. To answer many Sahabat Jajan’s questions, the restaurant serves NO PORK 😉

UPDATE 2018: the updated price for All You Can Eat is IDR 198k++ with additional 20% discount promo, now with SHAOKAO included in the AYCE.

beef striploin

The hotpot concept is personal pot where you can get single, double or triple soup (comingsoon) in one pot with 6 options of soup; Szechuan Spicy, Lac Mei Che Special Spicy Soup, Original Herb Soup, Chicken Clear Soup, Chicken Plain Soup, and Thai Tomyam soup.

The all you can eat hotpot includes premium meat selection, noodle, vegetables, meatballs, seafood, cooked dishes, fruits, dessert, drinks, and various condiments/ sauces on the buffet.

To make the hotpot experience even more special, there are more than 25 condiments that you can mix according to your taste, for AnakJajan personally a simple basic combination between soy sauce and chili is yummy enough.

There are 5 options premium meat selection; premium lamb, lamb shoulder, premium beef, beef striploin and chicken fillet.
AnakJajan got the premium lamb, premium beef, beef striploin and chicken fillet, the meat were fresh, the thickness is just right and not too thin. Our favorite meat would be the premium beef, huge, meaty and satisfying, the premium lamb was also very nice to my surprise, tender without any unpleasant smell.

premium lamb
premium beef
beef striploin
chicken fillet

For the spicy soup, you can choose the level of spiciness from level 1 less spicy to level 3 extra spicy. During our visit, I got the Szechuan Yinyang Pot (half Szechuan, half Original Herb), while Mr. Jajan got the Tomyam Yinyang (half Tomyum, half Chicken clear).

Szechuan spicy yinyang
Tomyam yinyang

All of the soup were very flavorful and bold in a good way with just the right richness of spices.
Our most favorite soup would be the Szechuan Spicy Soup, it was very tasteful with numbing sensation from the use of mala peppercorn typical Szechuan flavor.

The second favorite is Tomyam Soup, spicy, rich yet tangy altogether. Original Herb Soup is also highly recommended, sooo comforting with rich depth of flavor.

Besides the meat, the other ingredients for hotpot are also delicious and satisfying as well for example fresh shiny scallop, meatballs, sweet potato, etc, and oh remember, the fried tofu skin is simply a MUST HAVE!

Overall, great selection of ingredients, bold and flavorful broth, great quality of meat, AnakJajan gotta say that the All You Can Eat Hotpot experience in Lac Mei Che Hotpot is certainly one of the best in town!!

Lac Mei Che Hotpot All You Can Eat
Jl. Samanhudi 57
Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta
Phone: (+6221) 38904162 or +6282211903822
Instagram: @lmcresto
Opening Hours:
Weekday 12.00PM – 03.00AM
Weekend/ Public Holiday 11.00PM – 03.00AM


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