Living in urban city like Jakarta, it’s very challenging to keep the healthy lifestyle, as Indonesian most of you might be familiar with Jamu or traditional Indonesian herbal drink, it can help to keep a balanced healthy lifestyle and you can find it in Roemah Djamoe by Jamu Jago located in Plaza Senayan (inside Food Hall) and Pasar MOI Jakarta, as well as other cities like Semarang and Solo.

Jamu is a great Indonesian legacy that needs to be preserved, it is a traditional Indonesian herbal drink or medicine predominantly made from various natural ingredients for various benefits for the body and it’s good for children to adult, women to men.

To make it easier for urban people to get their jamu needs fixed, Jamu Jago opened Roemah Djamoe. One of the outlets that AnakJajan visited is located conveniently inside Food Hall – Plaza Senayan. We can easily order take out or sit and enjoy the jamu on the spot with reasonable price ranging from IDR 12.5k to IDR 30k for all products.

For the Jamu drink itself, you can find the classic where they make it by order or ready to drink bottle version.

For the classic ones, they will make it by order by mixing all of the ingredients, it’s surprisingly enjoyable since they mix and strain it well, to make it more enjoyable they added ingredients like honey, ginger, etc with just the right amount of composition. After drinking jamu, they will serve you ginger water to clean the palate.

For ready to drink bottle version, they have various Herbal Drinks like Beras Kencur, Kunir Asam, and Temulawak Jahe, it’s sweet and refreshing, you can stock it at home in your fridge and drink it anytime you want. FYI, it’s also available for order via Gofood and Grabfood

Jamu has various benefits for the body, you can find Jamu Khasiat (Jamu Atensi, Lestero, Basmingin, Basmurat, Sariawan), Jamu Wanita (Jamu Jamsidar, Sarirapat, Sehat wanita, Galian Singset, Terlambat Bulan), Jamu Anak (Jamu Buyung Upik), etc. For the right type of jamu to consume, you can simply ask the waiter/ waitress for jamu recommendation according to your needs.

Besides that, you can find various products from Jamu Jago too here in Roemah Djamu, for children to adult, such as Telon Cream, Jamu Capsule, Jamu Sachet, etc.

Overall, AnakJajan gotta give Roemah Djamoe by Jamu Jago double thumbs up for preserving Indonesian legacy and making Jamu more easily accessible for urban people with its great benefits].

Roemah Djamoe by Jamu Jago
Instagram: @roemahdjamoe

Foodhall Plaza Senayan
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
Central Jakarta, 10270

Pasar MOI

ADA Swalayan Setiabudi Foodcourt

Apotik Sumber Sehat
Perumahan Wisma Tropodo Sidoarjo

Carefour Solo Paragon

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