Open everyday for 24hours, Warung Pedes at Kemang Raya, South Jakarta is one of our tasty findings recently with their humble “Warteg Style” eatery concept.

Warung Pedes offers traditional Indonesian home cook dishes where they put all of the dishes on a huge display and they call it “Menu Gagal Diet”, just by looking at the interesting colorful dishes, we simply cannot agree more that you will want to try it all and forget your diet.

Offering more than 30 dishes, Warung Pedes opens 24hours everyday making it suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late supper, the price is considerably very affordable ranging from IDR 4k to IDR 16k.

For extra spicy kick, they have 3 types of chili condiments; Sambal Dadak, Sambal Matah, and Sambal Goreng. The spicy taste certainly adds great punch of heat. For Sambal Matah itself, we find it a bit different compared to the authentic one where they usually use a lot of shallot but here in Warung Pedes they use a lot of garlic.

You know, every time we go to places like this, we always have a very low self-control, since all of the dishes from display look very appetizing, usually we ended up over ordering with loads of side dishes for each person, ooopsieee!! 😀

For rice, they have regular rice or fragrant rice (uduk), the ordering process is innovatively called “Touch Screen” LOLSSS, simply touch the glass display and point your finger to the dish you want, then the staff will get it for you 😀

As I predicted, Mr. Jajan ended up getting 5 dishes!! hahaha, he got the Buncis Tempe IDR 7k, Terong Balado IDR 7k, Telur Dadar IDR 8k, Cumi Asin Cabe Hijau IDR 11k, and Ikan Asin Kerupuk IDR 8k.

As for me, I got the Kentang Balado IDR 8k, Kulit Ayam Crispy IDR 9k, Ayam Suir IDR 14k, and Bakwan Jagung IDR 6k, all of my favorite items in one plate 🙂

All of the dishes we got were pleasantly delicious and satisfying but the most memorable ones that we highly recommend you to get are the Kulit Ayam or crispy savory deep fried chicken skin and salty spicy Cumi Asin Cabe Hijau or salted squid cooked in green chili.

Overall, Warung Pedes is just an unpretentious Indonesian mixed rice dish place, you won’t find any new instagrammable innovative creations but that’s the charm, just simple humble traditional Indonesian home cook with addictive taste that keeps you coming back for more.

Warung Pedes
Jl Kemang Raya No.130E
Kemang, South Jakarta
Instagram: @warungpedes


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