Calling everyone especially All You Can Eat lovers, meet the new BEAUTY HOT POT restaurant located in Green Central City Apartment (Novotel), Gajahmada, Jakarta specializes in All You Can Eat (AYCE) Hot Pot or Shabu-Shabu.

Located in the same building as Novotel Gajahmada, you can easily find the restaurant at the ground floor. Beauty Hot Pot offers shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat for IDR 198k++/ person including drink, appetizer and dessert. For the all-you-can-eat customers will have a maximum of 2 hours of seating time.

Fyi, the restaurant serves NO PORK item at all so it can be enjoyed by more people😋😋😋.

One thing that caught our eyes instantly was the beautiful colorful enamel pot, it certainly lives up the mood not to mention it looks good on Instagram😁

On the display, there are more than 40 items of hotpot ingredients to choose; vegetables, seafood, mushroom, meatballs, etc, aside from that there are prawn, dory fish fillet, chicken, Australian beef topside, US beef short plate, Australian lamb shoulder served by order that are included on the AYCE package as well.

There are a few of cooked dishes as well to accompany the meal time such as stir-fried long beans, fried tuna fish with chili, fried chicken wings, and jelly fish salad. The refreshing jelly fish salad is perfect to stimulate the appetite.

As for the soup, there are 6 options; Beauty Collagen, Seafood Collagen, Grandmas Chicken, Herbal Chicken, Mongolian Spicy and Original Sichuan Mala Soup. All soup are homemade from scratch that explains the great depth of broth flavor.

One major thing that we love from this restaurant is the soup sampling, YESSS they will serve you 6 sample bowls of the soup for you to try so that you can choose the most suitable one for your palate.

soup samples

To complete the hotpot experience, they provide extensive options of condiments where you can mix by yourself but AnakJajan got you the most recommended mix told by the chef; peanut paste, sesame oil, freshly chopped chili, chopped garlic, sweet sour chili sauce, and coriander.

Australian Beef Topside
Australian beef topside is a great option if you prefer beef with less fat. It’s thinly sliced so the best way to enjoy it is to dip the meat into boiling broth for a few seconds only for best tender sensation.

US Beef Short Plate
If you prefer meat with more fat for more melt-in-the-mouth tender texture, get US beef short plate.

Australian Lamb Shoulder
Not a big fan of lamb but the Australian lamb shoulder surprisingly was enjoyable without any unpleasant smell at all.

Australian Wagyu MB7+ IDR 150k/ 150gr
If you’re interested in quality beef, you can get Australian Wagyu MB7+ with additional IDR 150k for 150gr and we gotta say that it certainly worth the price, super tender and yummy.

For the soup in I chose Beauty Collagen Soup while Mr. Jajan opted for Original Sichuan Mala Soup. The Beauty Collagen Soup is made by cooking the old hen for more than 8 hours in order to extract all the nutrients, it’s made with 100% natural ingredients and full of collagen that is good for the skin, immune system, etc.

I felt warmed up after the first spoonful, the proportion of seasoning of Beauty Collagen Soup was just right, it was very comforting but flavorful enough.

While Original Sichuan Mala Soup was very oily and spicy just the way we like. The spicy mala taste really hits the spot, it gets addictive the more you eat.
Fyi, you can get your soup refilled but only with basic chicken soup which already tasty by its own so don’t worry.

Overall, great choice of soup with amazing depth of flavor, extensive options of ingredients and condiments, instagenic unique enamel pot, Beauty Hotpot Restaurant is our new found love for hotpot in town. Give it a try and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Beauty Hotpot Restaurant
Green Central City Apartment (Novotel) Unit CN, Ground Gloor 01-01A
Jl. Gajahmada No. 188
West Jakarta
Phone: +622122632031


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