PIK​ ​AVENUE​ -​ ​Taste​ ​of​ ​The​ ​World Culinary Festival 2017

Happy long weekend Sahabat Jajan!! If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Jakarta, we got you a recommendation, a premium culinary festival in PIK Avenue Mall, Taste of The World that lasts for 11 days from 21st September till 1st October 2017.

On the first day of the opening, AnakJajan had a chance to visit Taste of The World event in PIK Avenue Mall, so here it is, an event report for you all. So basically for 11 days in a row, you can savor the flavor of the world in thematic divine stalls that consists of more than 30 premium stalls. It’s located at the Main Atrium and you can easily spot the event from the festive decors that looks like Italian Fresh Market.

The stalls offer extensive range of quality products from all around the world such as premium meat, organic processed meat, organic fruits and vegetables, wine and cheese, bakery and pastry, gelato, fine tea, beer, mooncake, glassware, etc.

Each stall offers special promo that is valid exclusively at the event only and we got you covered, here some of our findings from the event:

Offering wide range of products, Kemchick occupies the largest space in the event from fresh fruit, fresh meat, pastries, organic processed meat, baked macaroni, lasagna, sandwich, salad, etc, you can find it all here. For every purchase at Kemchick’s booth, you can get Free Cooking Service.

One of the signature items by Kemchick that instantly caught AnakJajan’s eyes are their Roasted Turkey and Ayam Kodok, just look at the gigantic portion!! It comes with side dishes and also homemade sauce, just perfect for any special occasion.

At VIN+ booth, there are wide selection of premium wine with special prices, before deciding which one to get, don’t forget to get the free wine tasting. Out of many choices, the Trivento Golden Malbec from Argentina just got me hooked, great flavor with amazing aroma.

Since mooncake festival is reaching soon, don’t miss the 30% off Mooncake Promo at Maystar’s booth.

To satisfy our sweetooth cravings, AnakJajan had an Italian Gelato break at our favorite Leggero Gelato. Their gelato is seriously a must try, great texture consistency, bold and tasty flavors, one of the must have flavors is their Belgium Chocolate Gelato, bold and rich altogether.

Then to cleanse the palate, tea is just the right option, you can find Teh 63’s booth located just on the next to Leggero.

For Marks & Spencer food product lovers, enjoy Buy 3 Get 1 promo valid for all food products. GOTTA GRAB THEM ALL!

Besides the items AnakJajan showed you above, there are still tons of exciting items and offers, as well as Live Performances by guest star JUICE=JUICE from Japan, special appearance by Indonesian Talented Youtubers, live DJ, and many more. So make sure you don’t miss it since the event lasts till 1st October 2017.

PIK Avenue Mall
Jl. Pantai Indah Avenue Boulevard
North Jakarta, 14460
Instagram: @pikavenue

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