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Samurai Cut IDR 36k/ 100 gram

RAMEN GAME IS STRONG in Ichiro Ramen, famous for their Raclette Cheese Ramen, after opening outlet in AEON Mall BSD, AEON Mall JGC, Lippo Mall Puri, QBig BSD, they’ve recently opened another new outlet in PIK Avenue Mall, North Jakarta. Continue reading ICHIRO RAMEN – PIK AVENUE Mall

PIK​ ​AVENUE​ -​ ​Taste​ ​of​ ​The​ ​World Culinary Festival 2017

Happy long weekend Sahabat Jajan!! If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Jakarta, we got you a recommendation, a premium culinary festival in PIK Avenue Mall, Taste of The World that lasts for 11 days from 21st September till 1st October 2017. Continue reading PIK​ ​AVENUE​ -​ ​Taste​ ​of​ ​The​ ​World Culinary Festival 2017