Wow!! The famous Japanese discount store, Don Quijote or Don Quixote has opened their first ever outlet in South East Asia, DON DON DONKI in Orchard Central, Singapore.

Don Don Donki literally has just opened in December 2017, lucky us AnakJajan visited Singapore during the grand opening so we had the chance to visit and share it with you.

Every time AnakJajan travel to Japan, Donki is A MUST VISIT, the vast array of products with cheap price is certainly the main reason, we can find just about anything we can think of! For more info about Donki in Japan, you can check following link https://anakjajan.com/2015/07/30/don-quijote-the-most-awesome-discount-store-in-japan/.

Opening seven days a week and 24 hours a day, Donki occupies B1 and B2 floors in Orchard Central. They categorized the shop into 2 main sections, retail in B1 floor and supermarket in B2 floor.

The excitement from Singaporean can be seen from the bustle of crowds during our visit and AnakJajan can totally understand it. Any Japanese product lover will be pleased to see the wide range of authentic Japanese products from snacks, fresh foods, cooking seasoning, Japanese liquor, cosmetic, beauty products, daily household items, etc, and the best part is you will find the products in cheap price, YESSS JAPAN PRICE!

Donki Singapore stays true to their concept to provide Japan quality products in Japan price even though it has been imported all the way to Singapore.

On the B1 floor, upon arriving, you can see wide array of Japanese liquor as well as popular Japanese snacks such as Calbee Jagarico, Tohato Caramel Corn, Calbee Chips, chocolate, Pretz, Coffee, Juice, etc.

There’s a deli section selling Japanese roasted sweet potato, Hokkaido ice cream, bento, salad, etc. Almost everything was already sold out since we visited at midnight.

The cosmetic and make-up section is also to die for, from fake eyelashes, eyeliner, face wash, etc, we saw many popular high demand brands are being stocked there.

The supermarket on B2 floor has great selection of fresh produce like meat, fruit, noodle, milk, etc. It is also well equipped with cooking ingredients, sauce and seasoning, if only we live in Singapore, we would have done our daily household shopping here.

The whole store screams Japan, visiting Donki Singapore feels like visiting Japan since we’re surrounded by vast range of Japanese products. Visitor will be very pleased with the competitive Japan price there, me and Mr. Jajan feel sooo envious with Singaporean. Donki please please pleaseeeee open in Indonesia!!

Check link below for more Singapore Travel posts: https://anakjajan.com/category/location/southeast-asia/singapore/

Don Don Donki
Orchard Central Basement 1 & 2
181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 24hr
Instagram: @donkisg


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