Ma La Xiang Guo has gained popularity rapidly this past year in Jakarta. The spices aroma and the spicy taste are incredibly addictive. In Muara Karang, the newly opened Xiao La Guo specializes in Ma La Xiang Guo inside Warung Wakaka is worth visiting.

Located in Warung Wakaka, upon entering customers will be greeted by colorful display of the ingredients such as meat, mushroom, meatballs, fishballs, seafood, vegetables, etc. The display looks very tempting you will want to get everything 😀

The pricing is very affordable and very unique, so instead of per item, they will total your order based on PER GRAM; Vegetables IDR 12k/ 100gr and Meat IDR 22k/100gr.

In that way, we can mix any ingredients as little and as much as we want. It’s more practical and cheaper IMHO.

How to order:

  • Pick any ingredients you desire from the display and put it on the bowl
  • Bring the bowl to the weighing table at cashier and pay
  • Choose the spiciness level and mala level from level 1 to 3 and wait for it to be cooked, then enjoy!

During our visit, me and Mr. Jajan picked all of our favorite ingredients such as tofu skin, lotus roots, mushrooms, beef, meatballs, fishballs, etc, our one huge bowl of ingredients was less than IDR 200k.

Ingredients will be stir-fried based on order with lots of spices and chili. The Ma La Xiang Guo here in Xiao La Guo looks very shiny but not too oily which is a MAJOR PLUS POINT!

We opted for level 2 both for spiciness level and mala level. It was pleasantly delicious with amazing wok-fry aroma and just the right level of spices and mala taste, savory and aromatic all together without overpowering. Both of us enjoyed it very much till the last mouthful.

Overall, with vast array of ingredients and delicious seasoning, AnakJajan gotta say that Xiao La Guo is a great place to visit whenever you crave for Ma La Xiang Guo.

Xiao La Guo – Warung Wakaka
Jl. Muara Karang Blok P2 Selatan No. 78-80
North Jakarta 14450
Phone: +622166602919
Instagram: @xiaolaguo
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thur 17.00-01.00
Fri-Sat 17.00-02.00


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