Meet the new Grand Cafe, an all you can eat (AYCE) restaurant offering fresh made-to-order Indonesian buffet in Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

Grand Hyatt Jakarta has recently revamped and reopened their Grand Cafe, it’s basically an all-day dining Indonesian restaurant offering both a la carte and buffet options. Specially in this post AnakJajan are going to share closer look at the buffet experience.

Okay, since price is one of the most asked questions when it comes to buffet dining, let’s talk about the price first:
On Ramadhan Month
Buffet lunch at IDR 350,000++ per person, including iced tea
Buffet dinner/ iftar at IDR 420,000++ per person, including iced tea
After Ramadhan
Buffet lunch at IDR 350,000++ per person, including iced tea
Buffet dinner at IDR 380,000++ per person, including iced tea

Located on the lobby level, the restaurant decor is very impressive as well, apparently the decor is inspired by Indonesian home, the designer cleverly uses different kinds of Indonesian decor and crafts to give the restaurant a nice warm Indonesian home vibes.

Each area is unique and has its own concept that’s made to resemble the room from a house; Courtyard / Veranda, Parlour, Dining, Lounge, Gallery, Study and Balcony, personally we love the Balcony area the most with huge glass window.

What makes Grand Cafe different from other hotel buffet restaurant is the fresh made-to-order buffet concept, you get to enjoy freshly cooked dishes straight from the five live cooking stations; wok, grill, soup, steam and pastry cooking stations.

The chefs are assigned in each cooking station to prepare Indonesian cuisine à la minute, looking at all the food being cooked and prepared surely brings out the appetite.

Offering Indonesian comfort food, there are endless of tasty options to choose. Everything looks so tempting we want to try it all. On the front area there are Indonesian Crackers/ Kerupuk and Sambal sections, gotta give the sambal options double thumbs up.

To start the meal, AnakJajan had something fresh first, we opted for Gado-gado, Rujak, and Asinan kecombrang which was very appetizing.

For noodle lovers, do not miss their homemade Bakmi Ayam, next to it there’s Gorengan section with all Indonesian classic fritters complete with peanut sauce and bird-eye chili, DAYUM! On the soup section, there was oxtail soup during our visit.

One of the most popular station has gotta be the Sate section, there were different selection of freshly grilled Indonesian meat skewers over charcoal. AnakJajan gotta say that it was one of our top favorite items there, the meat was nicely seasoned with amazing char-grilled aroma and tasty peanut sauce. Next to it there’s Martabak section, we can see the skillful chef cooking it, as for the taste it was delicious, best enjoyed with pickles and sweet sour sauce.

From the Wok section, we can try various wok-fried dishes like fried rice, fried noodle, etc. To our surprise, the Fried Rice was SO GOOD AND MEMORABLE! We can get the wok-fry aroma in each grain of rice, it might be a simple dish but it’s well made and seriously MUST HAVE!

For the sweetooth, the dessert area is very intriguing. There were Indonesian classic cakes like Bika Ambon, Lapis Legit, Lapis Surabaya, even Klappertart (so good!), then Indonesian ice dessert like Cendol & Es Kelapa were also served.

Next to it, there’s freshly made crepe as well as roll cakes. Remember to give their homemade ice cream a try, their Durian and Jackfruit ice cream are seriously to die for!

Overall, as the tagline suggests “Feel at home, dine like a local”, AnakJajan can clearly get the homey vibes there, the local Indonesian food is also tasty and enjoyable since everything is fresh made by order. Give it a try, we’re sure you’ll love it there.

Grand Cafe
Grand Hyatt Jakarta Hotel 3rd Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Central Jakarta 10350
Instagram: @grandhyattjakarta

Opening Hours:
International Breakfast Buffet 06.00-10.00
Buffet Lunch Noon-14.30
Buffet Dinner 18.00-22.00


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