CHIN MA-YA Japanese Ramen (Red) – Gading Serpong

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen IDR 58k (S), 85k (R)

Recently, AnakJajan visited Chin Ma Ya Japanese Ramen (Red) Restaurant while we were in Gading Serpong area because Japanese food is always a great idea. Surprisingly the restaurant opens for 24 hours. Chin Ma Ya Red is for their restaurant serving pork menu, you can also head to their other outlet Chin Ma Ya Green for no pork and no lard menu.

Known for their affordable and enjoyable ramen, if we’re not mistaken, the restaurant is established since 2012 in Gading Serpong area and recently they have moved to new location still in Gading Serpong area, precisely in Ruko South Goldfinch, it’s spacious and cozy.

As the name suggests, Ramen is their specialty menu along with other dishes like Mapo Tofu, Gyoza, Nabe, rice bowl, etc.

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen IDR 58k (S), 85k (R)

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen IDR 58k (S), 85k (R)
Let’s start with their signature menu, Tonkotsu broth ramen served with roast pork, half boiled egg, corn, seaweed, nori and other toppings.

The broth was very thick, rich in flavor and full of umami, the kind of broth that suits Indonesian palates. The noodle itself was nice and springy, all the generous toppings added a nice flavor and texture to the dish, as for the roast pork, it was meaty and enjoyable although it can be more tender.

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen IDR 58k (S), 85k (R)

AnakJajan got the regular portion which was insanely hugeeee, perfect for anyone who have bit appetite.

Tan Tan Men IDR 43k (S), 62k (R)
Lucky us we got the Tan Tan Men in small portion. It’s basically sesame based chicken soup ramen with ground pork. The spiciness level is medium, it has thick broth that was savory with hint of nutty kick, classic, simple and enjoyable.

Tan Tan Men IDR 43k (S), 62k (R)
Tan Tan Men IDR 43k (S), 62k (R)

Kaisou Salad IDR 52k
Seaweed mixed salad with 5 choices of dressings: Japanese, Chinese, Sesame, Spicy, or Wasabi. AnakJajan opted to try the wasabi dressing and we liked it. The wasabi flavor was not overpowering, just enough to complement the fresh vegetables.

Kaisou Salad IDR 52k
Kaisou Salad IDR 52k

Ebi Gyoza IDR 43k (3 pcs), 58k (6 pcs)
This one was good, the dumpling is filled with minced pork, shrimp, dori and vegetable dumpling. The dumpling skin was thin and elastic, major love for the ebi or shrimp aroma in it.

Ebi Gyoza IDR 43k (3 pcs), 58k (6 pcs)

Yaki Gyoza IDR 35k (3 pcs), 51k (6 pcs)
Grilled dumplings filled with minced pork and vegetables.

Yaki Gyoza IDR 35k (3 pcs), 51k (6 pcs)

Chin Ma Han IDR 38k (S), 45k (R)
Every time Mr. Jajan sees Mapo Tofu, he will get tempted to order one, so here we are, one regular portion of mapo tofu served with warm rice. It was warm and comforting dish with bold kick of spices (in a good way) and soft smooth tofu, just perfect with fluffy warm rice.

Chin Ma Han IDR 38k (S), 45k (R)

Overall, great range of dishes, reasonably priced, enjoyable flavor, opens for 24hours a day, Chin Ma Ya can be a nice choice to go anytime you crave for ramen in Gading Serpong area. Fyi they have open a new no pork & no lard outlet at CBD Gading Serpong.

Chin-Ma-Ya Japanese Ramen Restaurant
Jl. Spring Boulevard, Ruko South Goldfinch
Blok E 1-5, Kawasan The Springs
Gading Serpong, Tangerang Selatan
Opening hours: Everday, 24 Hour


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