Beef Ball HKD 17, Siu Mai HKD 25, Har Gao HKD 26

Here it is, the super complete HONG KONG FOOD GUIDE, list of MUST EAT local food. A complete guide on what to eat and where to eat in Hong Kong.

Check out VLOG below for closer look at our experience:


[UPDATE] For complete HONG KONG TRAVEL GUIDE – Things to do and places to visit in Hong Kong, you can check the blogpost on following link https://anakjajan.com/2018/08/29/hong-kong-travel-guide-things-to-do-places-to-visit/



Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for Indonesian, that explains from the numerous amount of requests we received from Sahabat Jajan for complete Hong Kong Travel and Food Guide during our visit to Hong Kong recently #AnakJajanHONGKONG. Thank you for trusting us as your travel guide😊

Well, as we promised, here it is the first blogpost, Hong Kong Food Guide, the next upcoming one would be Hong Kong Travel Guide where we share about travel tips about internet, transportation, must visit places, etc, soooo stay tuned ok?!

When it comes to eating in Hong Kong, there are endless options but it requires extra effort to find the right and yummy one, sooo we got you covered in this blogpost, I think the places we visited are mostly the highly recommended and popular ones that you simply MUST NOT MISS. Besides cafe and coffee shop, we explored so many yummy local food too, hopefully it can help you to plan your eating itinerary 🙂

Slow Cook Beef Big Don HKD 108

First of all, there are some info and tips that we think you might need to know first:

  • Michelin star or Michelin guide or even our recommendation does not guarantee the satisfaction, it goes back to your personal taste.
  • Menu by default is available in Cantonese or Chinese, but you can simply ask for ENGLISH MENU, most restaurants provide it.
  • Due to limited space, sharing table is very common in Hong Kong, especially during peak hour.
  • Bring your own tissue, since most eating places don’t provide tissue.
  • It’s highly recommended to do a research and make a decision first on which menu to order before entering the restaurant, since you will get rushed.
  • Some restaurants have minimum charge during peak time.
  • Some restaurants do not accept HKD 1000 bills, please make sure you always have small change.
  • You can try ordering in English, since most waiter/ waitress surprisingly can communicate in English with perfect pronunciation.
  • In case if you lost in translation and get confused by the no picture menu, you can simply take a screenshot of the food pic and show it to the staff.

For Moslem Friends, please head over to the end of this blogpost for COMPLETE HALAL RESTAURANT LIST in Hong Kong↓↓↓

Let’s start a virtual culinary tour in Hong Kong, we categorize the eating places based on area to make it easier for you to plan your trip.


Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔
One of the local street snack that you have to get while in Hong Kong is Eggette or Egg Waffle and one of the most popular ones is Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔 that has been included in Michelin Street Food Guide 2016-2017.

AnakJajan ordered Chestnut Egg Puffs HKD 29 and Waffle HKD 16, the egg waffle was yummy but the Waffle was impressively DELICIOUS!! We highly recommend you to try the crunchy waffle filled with tasty combination consists of peanut butter, margarine, condensed milk and sugar, seriously DA BOMB!

Waffle HKD 16
Chestnut Egg Puffs HKD 29

Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔
Shop G23, G/F, Young City Zone, 1 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok
6-min walk from Exit A2, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station
Opening Hours :
Mon-Thu 12:00-20:00
Fri-Sat 12:00-22:00
Sun 12:00-20:00

One Dim Sum 一點心
A visit to Hong Kong is not complete without having Dim Sum, from our experience, AnakJajan recommend you to eat Dim Sum as much as you can while you’re in HK, since the dimsum here is soooo yummeh!!

Chicken with Mushroom & Fish Maw HKD 26, Steamed Vermicelli Roll (Cheong Fan) with BBQ Pork HKD 21, Chicken Feet HKD 17

One of the yummy yet humble recommendation is One Dim Sum 一點心, the outlet in Mong Kok is very small, you can visit another outlet in Prince Edward for bigger and better seating area. AnakJajan ordered several items, the steamed Siu Mai, Beef Ball and Cheon Fan were seriously soooo delicious, great texture in generous size with well-balanced seasoning.

One Dim Sum 一點心
Shop 1, G/F, 27 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok
4-min walk from Exit C3, Mong Kok MTR Station

Dim Dim Sum 點點心
Another popular place to get your dimsum cravings fixed is Dim Dim Sum 點點心. During our visit on dinner time, the queue was quite long but when there’s a queue, there’s a reason right??

Seafood Stuffed Eggplant wityh Teriyaki Sauce (3pcs) HKD 22, Seafood Stuffed Hot Peppers (4pcs) HKD 22
BBQ Pork Buns (3 pcs of Cha Siu Bao) HKD 18, Chicken Feet Steamed with Soya Sauce HKD 20

All of the items me and Mr. Jajan ordered were surprisingly very tasteful and have successfully made our tummies happy, we just love that other than the mainstream classic ones, they also have unique ones. Their Cantonese Style Steamed Sponge Cake and Seafood Stuffed Hot Peppers are simply must try, the sponge cake was extremely fluffy and delightful, then the pepper was also uniquely delicious, don’t worry it’s not spicy.

Cantonese Style Steamed Sponge Cake (1pc) HKD 17

Dim Dim Sum 點點心
G/F, 112 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
2-min walk from Exit B2, Mong Kok MTR Station
Opening Hours : 11:00-02:00

Hui Lau Shan 許留山
Hui Lau Shan 許留山 is totally a must visit especially for mango lovers!! The dessert cafe serves wide variety of mango-based dessert and drinks that are just the perfect refreshing treats for hot sunny day. You can basically find Hui Lau Shan everywhere in HK since they have around 44 outlets.

Hui Lau Shan 許留山
Shop 2, G/F, Concord Building, 60 Soy Street, Mong Kok
6-min walk from Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station

Big Bang Don 爆丼屋
This was our first meal in Hong Kong and it was a satisfactory one! The restaurant is specialized in Japanese Chirashi or Sashimi Don, I know it’s not local Hong Kong meal, but if it’s good, why not??😁

Seared Mixed Sashimi Big Don HKD 145, Slow Cook Beef Big Don HKD 108

AnakJajan ordered Slow Cook Beef Big Don HKD 108 since it looks tempting and reminds us of yummy beef bowl from Red Rock Tokyo, but sadly it was far below our expectations, beef was tender but lack of seasoning. Luckily the Seared Mixed Sashimi Big Don HKD 145 was SOOOOO GOOD!! The aburi or torch-grilled sashimi rice bowl comes with festive toppings like kani, scallop, salmon, and egg over sushi-seasoned rice, rice was well seasoned, then toppings were fresh, highly recommended!

Seared Mixed Sashimi Big Don HKD 145

Big Bang Don 爆丼屋
Shop 8, G/F, 50 Soy Street, Mong Kok
5-min walk from Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station
Opening Hours : 12:00-02:00

Kai Kee Restaurant 佳記餐廳
If you’re looking for a quick take out for local Hong Kong style bun, these golden baked items from Kai Kee are nice enough to satisfy.

Creamy Chicken Pie HKD 10, BBQ Pork Bun HKD 11

Kai Kee Restaurant 佳記餐廳
G/F, 177-481 Portland Street, Mong Kok
3-min walk from Exit E1, Mong Kok MTR Station

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳
You can find this famous chain restaurant practically anywhere in Hong Kong. The restaurant offers wide range of menu from local Hong Kong-style dishes to international dishes, even Indonesian Nasi Goreng is available in here. Most of the outlets open until late night or even 24 hours, so it’s a nice option for early morning or late nite supper.

Shrimp & Scrambled Egg with Rice HKD 52, Milk Tea HKD 14

Tsui Wah Restaurant is famous for their curry dishes, but since we’re craving for something more comfortable, AnakJajan ordered our favorite Crispy Condensed Milk Bun, Milk Tea, and scrambled egg rice, which were delightfully tasteful.

Crispy Condensed Milk Bun HKD 12, Milk Tea HKD 14

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳
G/F, 204-244 Portland Street, Mong Kok
1-min walk from Exit C3, Mong Kok MTR Station

King of Coconut 椰汁大王
Recommended by our foodie friend, this Coconut Drink is simply a perfect thirst quencher on hot sunny day. The fresh coconut juice with milk tastes delightful, not too heavy with subtle sweetness and not overly milky, which I like.

Coconut Drink HKD 22 large

King of Coconut 椰汁大王
G/F, Dundas Square, 43H Dundas Street, Mong Kok
Exit A2, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station

TP Tea 茶湯會
Saw soo many people carrying TP Tea drink, so we joined the crowd. The tea shop offers various kind of tea drinks including bubble tea, since we were looking for something fresh and light, we opted for Tea Guan Yin Tea HKD 16 and it was pleasant.

TP Tea 茶湯會
Shop 7, G/F, 43D Dundas Street, Mong Kok
Exit A2, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station
Opening Hours : 11:00-00:00

Three Potatoes 叁薯
Well, this is a perfect example that NOT EVERY Michelin Guide food is satisfactory☹️
The street food stall specializes in baked potato has gained Michelin Street Food Award for two years and their specialty is Baked Potato with Sour Cream and Cheese.

Baked Potato with Sour Cream HKD 50

It goes back to individual tastebud, but for us the baked potato was not memorable, it’s edible but lacking of any wow factor for us personally.

Three Potatoes 叁薯
Shop 5, G/F, Mei Shing House, 30-32A Nullah Road, Mong Kok
2-min walk from Exit B2, Prince Edward MTR Station
Opening Hours : 12:00-21:00

I Cremeria is a popular Japanese dessert chain cafe, their specialty is Japanese green tea/ matcha soft serve ice cream. Since they were having seasonal Lavender flavor, AnakJajan opted for one for HKD 48, but it turned out to be pleasing to the eyes only, the lavender aroma was too overpowering with bitter after taste, maybe we should have ordered the matcha one instead😅

Shop 13, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Opening Hours : 10:00-23:00

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳
Pineapple Bun at Kam Wah Cafe is certainly the BEST in town!! We had the Pineapple Bun with a slab of butter in the middle, the bread was fluffy with uber yummy crispy crust on top, love it! Best paired with sweet milk tea or Nai Cha.

Pineapple Bun with Butter HKD 10, Sweet Milk Tea HKD 17

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳
G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward, Mong Kok
4-min walk from Exit B2, Prince Edward MTR Station
Opening Hours : 06:30-12:00


The Cupping Room
For great caffeine fix, The Cupping Room is certainly a great one.

Piccolo HKD 34, Flat White HKD 38k + Soy HKD 5

The Cupping Room
G/F, 18 Cochrane Street, Central
6-min walk from Exit D2, Central MTR Station
Opening Hours :
Today 08:00-17:00
Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00
Sat-Sun 09:00-18:00
Public Holiday 09:00-18:00

Dim Sum Icon 点心代表
One of the most requested restaurants by Sahabat Jajan for us to visit is Dim Sum Icon due to the cute Gudetama-shaped dimsum, but not many of you know that they change the theme in every few months. The no longer serve Gudetama dimsum, it was Emoji theme during our visit which was not that cute for us, so we decided to skip the restaurant.

Dim Sum Icon 点心代表
B/F, Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Central
3-min walk from Exit D2, Central MTR Station

The Coffee Academics
Another popular coffee shop in town. Other than the classic cup, they’re famous with coffee served in ice cream cone, but sadly it was sold out during our visit.

The Coffee Academics
G/F, 24 D’Aguilar Street, Central
4-min walk from Exit D2, Central MTR Station

Sun Kee 新記餐廳
One of the highlight from our food trip in Hong Kong is the Cheese Noodle from Sun Kee. We never knew that the simple looking Cheese Noodle with Pork Cheek can taste this good!! The cheese sauce was thick and creamy but the tender Pork Cheek plays a major part, SO FREAKING TENDER and flavorful. MUST TRY! By the way, the Iced Coffee + Tea drink combination is also worth to try.

Tender Pork Cheek & Cheese Noodle HKD 47, Tender Pork Cheek & Egg Noodle HKD 47, Coffee & Tea Ice HKD 20
Tender Pork Cheek & Cheese Noodle HKD 47

Sun Kee 新記餐廳
Shop C & D, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 4-6C Heard Street, Wan Chai
7-min walk from Exit A4, Wan Chai MTR Station
Opening Hours : 07:30-23:00

Lin Heung Tea House 蓮香樓
Established in 1926, Lin Heung Tea House is one of the oldest tea houses in Hong Kong. It’s one of the most popular places for Dim Sum in HK with traditional recipe and self-service serving style. The dimsum is only available until 4PM, sadly we didn’t know about that and we missed the chance of trying their dimsum since we arrive at 4.15PM 😭

Lin Heung Tea House 蓮香樓
160-164 Wellington Street, Central
5-min walk from Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station
Opening Hours : 06:00-23:00


Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
Cha Chaan Teng is Hong Kong style traditional tea restaurant and one of the most famous one is
Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司. The most favorite dish for us would be the high quality scrambled egg that was perfectly cooked, buttery fluffy and soft.

Toast with Scrambled Egg HKD 17
Macaroni in Chicken Soup with BBQ Pork, Ham, Beef & Fried Egg HKD 36, Hong Kong Style Milk Tea HKD 22 (Iced), Toast with Scrambled Egg HKD 17

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan
2-min walk from Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station
Opening Hours :
Today 07:30-23:00
Mon-Wed 07:30-23:00
Thu Closed
Fri-Sun 07:30-23:00
Public Holiday Closed

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家
Located just a few shops next to Australia Dairy Company, Mak’s Noodle is the place to visit if you’re looking for traditional HK style wonton noodle. The thin egg noodle has a nice springy bouncy texture, but the succulent juicy wonton is certainly the reason that keeps people coming back, so delicious.

Shrimp Wonton Soup Noodle HKD 50, Dry Noodle HKD 36

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家
G/F, 55 Parkes Street, Jordan
2-min walk from Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station
Opening Hours : 10:30-00:30

Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司
Another popular local delicacy, Steamed Milk from Yee Shun Milk Company, the steamed milk has a very smooth silky texture, almost pudding-like but more delicate, not overly sweet with just the right amount of creaminess, topped with red bean.

Red Bean on Steamed Milk (Hot) HKD 38

Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司
63 Pilkem St, Jordan
2-min walk from Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station
Opening Hours : 08:00-00:00


Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家
Classic at its best! Tai Cheong Bakery has the BEST EGG TART that is buttery with just the perfect level of sweetness, yummy!

Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家
Shop KP31-32, Star Ferry Pier , Tsim Sha Tsui
5-min walk from Exit L6, Tsim Sha Tsui / East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station

% Arabica
Sooo happy to find that our fav coffee shop from Kyoto can be found in Hong Kong. They have recently opened another outlet at Star Ferry Pier Tsim Sa Tsui, Hong Kong, it’s closer and easier to visit than the 1st outlet at Discovery Bay.

% Arabica
Shop KP-41, 1/F, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui
6-min walk from Exit L6, Tsim Sha Tsui / East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station
Opening Hours : 09:00-19:00


Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Buns 祥興記上海生煎包
Recommended by Sahabat Jajan, Cheung Hing Kee offers unique pan fried buns with juicy minced meat filling. Other than the signature filling, the Black Truffle one is also nice to try.

Signature Pan Fried Buns (4pcs) HKD 28, Pan Fried Buns with Black Truffle HKD 15/each (Minimum 2pcs)

Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Buns 祥興記上海生煎包
G/F, 76 Thomson Road, Wan Chai
2-min walk from Exit A5, Wan Chai MTR Station

Kam’s Roast Goose 甘牌燒鵝
With 1 Michelin Star, Kam’s Roast Goos offers juicy tender roast goose made with traditional old recipe in reasonable price. Since the restaurant has a limited seating area, you gotta prepare yourself to queue.

Roast Goose Leg with Noodle (Noodle in Soup) HKD 96
Roast Goose & Roasted Pork on Rice HKD 75

Kam’s Roast Goose 甘牌燒鵝
G/F, Po Wah Commercial Center, 226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
3-min walk from Exit A4, Wan Chai MTR Station
Opening Hours : 11:30-21:30


This Chocolate BLACK TRUFFLE from Dalloyau is simply DA BOMB, the rich chocolate taste complements the delightful aroma from black truffle. Our suggestion, skip the Hazelnut flavor, and get yourself Chocolate Black Truffle.

Shop 07F-G, B2/F, Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
1-min walk from Exit D1, Causeway Bay MTR Station
Opening Hours : 10:00-22:00

Via Tokyo
Via Tokyo is famous for their Matcha based ice cream made of matcha powder from Kyoto and Hokkaido Milk/ AnakJajan got the combo with Original Milk, Uji Matcha and Hojicha.
We couldn’t agree more that Via Tokyo has one of the best matcha ice cream in HK, the ice cream was smooth and rich, then the matcha and hojicha aroma was also pleasant only it was a tad too sweet for our liking.

Three Flavour Wafflecup HKD 65

Via Tokyo
Shop 1A-1B, G/F, Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
5-min walk from Exit F1, Causeway Bay MTR Station
Opening Hours : 11:00-22:30

SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋
Glad that we decided to visit this small little Japanese shaved ice shop. The huge kakigori was nicely executed with smooth snow-like ice texture. We love they way they add sauce at the bottom, middle and top part of the gigantic kakigori for maximum pleasure.

SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋
G/F, 14 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
7-min walk from Exit F1, Causeway Bay MTR Station
Opening Hours : 13:00-23:00

Delicious Kitchen 美味廚
BEST MEAL in Hong Kong so far!!! Pork Ribs and Steamed Rice with Vegetables at Delicious Kitchen, so simple yet packed with flavors and memorable. Put this in your itinerary and thank us later, coz it tastes so freaking good!!
The pork ribs were tender and fully seasoned, rice was fluffy, for best enjoyment, don’t forget to order “Delicious Pickle”, it gives the rice a nice refreshing sensation.

Steamed Rice with Vegetable + Pork Rib HKD 52

Delicious Kitchen 美味廚
Shop B, G/F, 9-11 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街9-11號地下B舖
6-min walk from Exit E, Causeway Bay MTR Station
Opening Hours : 11:00-23:00


Chau Kee 周記點心
The French toast in Chau Kee is not the same as usual, sauce will be flowing out once you cut the toast. The toast is available in a few flavors, AnakJajan got the classic one Golden Lava with sweet and salty salted egg yolk filling, the toast was soft fluffy and not greasy, it’s incredibly delicious! Other than that, the dimsum were yummy as well.

“Golden Lava” French Toast HKD 30
Siu Mai With Black Truffle and Crab Roe HKD 26, Steamed Rice with Egg & Beef HKD 26, Steamed Rice Rolls with Spring Rolls HKD 34

Chau Kee 周記點心
Shop H1, G/F, Tung Lee Mansion, Water Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District
4-min walk from Exit B1, HKU MTR Station
Opening Hours : 08:00-18:00, Mon (Closed)


Eating in Hong Kong can be quite challenging for our Moslem friends, soooo to fulfill your requests, we got you a complete list of Halal eating places in Hong Kong, thanks to Sahabat Jajan’s help and info.

Here are the top 2 most mentioned and favorites by fellow Sahabat Jajan:
1. Islamic Centre Canteen in Wan Chai for yummy Halal Dim Sum

2. Wai Kee in Wan Chai for Halal Roast Duck Rice and Mutton Curry

Other than that, you can check the complete list below, an official list of Restaurants with Halal Certification from Hong Kong government (credit: http://www.discoverhongkong.com).

Credit: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/common/images/dine-drink/pdf/Halal-List_en.pdf
Credit: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/common/images/dine-drink/pdf/Halal-List_en.pdf


This is a bit random, but we find that Vitasoy soy milk drink in Hong Kong is VERY YUMMY, so we decided to put it on the list, in case if you’re interested. Vitasoy is available in various flavors, but personally we love the Original one the most.

Street Food
Last but not least, if you find a street stall like picture below selling typical HK street food such as siu may, fish ball curry, fritter, etc, don’t forget to try it. It’s available in every corners of the the city.

Overall, AnakJajan gotta say that most of the food in HK is more on the comfortable side than mind blowing side for us personally, but it certainly did a successful job in warming our hearts. Food scene in Hong Kong is very interesting and lively. It can be quite expensive, rushed, hectic, and noisy, but well, that’s the charm!!
Thank you for reading, we’re going to share a complete HK TRAVEL GUIDE (transportation, wifi, what to do, where to go, etc) on the next post. Stay tuned! 😉

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