MARDIN BAKLAVA – Jatinegara, Jakarta

Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k

Here it is!! A legit baklava shop in Jakarta, Mardin Baklava Patisserie at Cipinang, Jatinegara.

Mardin Baklava has been on our “want to go” list for quite a while. We have tried it once from bazaar event and loved it but didn’t have the chance to visit the store yet.

Since we were having end year holiday in Jakarta and there was no traffic, we decided to be more adventurous and visit Mardin Baklava.

Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k

Full Pistachio Baklava, Cashew Nut Baklava, Pistachio Baklava & Chocolate and Coconut Baklava IDR 51k
(Baklava Mix 1/4kg IDR 143k, 1/2kg IDR 286k, 1kg IDR 495k)
Upon arriving, you will be drooled by shiny appetizing display of Baklava. Sooo for these baklava, you can choose any baklava you like then it will be weighed and given a price.
We tried 4 pcs and the green one (Full Pistachio Baklava) was our most favorite one, sweet and packed with nutty pistachio flavor.

Turkish Coffee IDR 35k, Turkish Tea IDR 22k
The Turkish Tea somehow tasted like regular Indonesian tea, no complain but nothing special. While the Turkish Coffee was very bold and strong in flavor, perfect to balance the sweet taste of baklava.

Turkish Coffee IDR 35k, Turkish Tea IDR 22k

Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k
This one caught our attention instantly. It consists of mozzarella cheese topped with shredded pastry and sugar syrup. The sweetness level was simply spot on with ooey gooey cheese in the middle and crunchy pastry on too, sweet salty cheese tasty!! Love the fact that it wasn’t too sweet we can enjoy the whole plate.

Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k
Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k
Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k
Cheese Kunafe IDR 75k

Overall, as the name suggests, Mardin Baklava certainly serves great range of baklava in town. Definitely worth visiting if you have sweet tooth.

Mardin Baklava Patisserie
Jl. Cipinang Jaya Raya no. 74
Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur

Opening hour: Everyday (14:00-24:00)
Instagram: @mardinbaklava


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