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Amber Chocolate Bar – Senopati, Jakarta


I’m always amazed by how fast the restaurant or cafe scene at Senopati area grow, I think almost every time we pass this street there’s always a new establishment opening with another new concept including Amber Chocolate Bar.

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Le Cafe Gourmand

Le Cafe Gourmand

If you notice my instagram @AnakJajan, you probably already know that I broke my phone. I accidentally dropped my Samsung S4 from a height of 1 meter and this damn gorilla glass LCD cracked a lil bit and decided to stop functioning 😦

Le Cafe Gourmand

On the saturday I woke up early and I bring my Samsung S4 to the service centre so I don’t need to waste my time queuing at the service centre. After that, me and Mr.Jajan decided to have an early breakfast at Le Cafe Gourmand since the store is open from 07.00 am.

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