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PAO PAO Liquor Bar & Dim Sum Parlour – Senopati, Jakarta


It as been a while since I had dimsum and I’ve been craving for it since I returned from Japan. After having our afternoon snack at Amber, AnakJajan decided to have our dinner at newly opened PAO PAO Liquor Bar & Dim Sum Parlour. Continue reading PAO PAO Liquor Bar & Dim Sum Parlour – Senopati, Jakarta

Izakaya Issei

izakaya issei

Hello from Japan!! Nahhh, just kidding, I’m still at Jakarta at this moment, AnakJajan will be at Japan by the end of month (so excited I wish I could fast forward the time). This photo above was actually taken at Izakaya Issei one of the new restaurant sellin Japanese Food at Jakarta – Senopati area, ooopsiee 🙂  Continue reading Izakaya Issei

Le Cafe Gourmand

Le Cafe Gourmand

If you notice my instagram @AnakJajan, you probably already know that I broke my phone. I accidentally dropped my Samsung S4 from a height of 1 meter and this damn gorilla glass LCD cracked a lil bit and decided to stop functioning 😦

Le Cafe Gourmand

On the saturday I woke up early and I bring my Samsung S4 to the service centre so I don’t need to waste my time queuing at the service centre. After that, me and Mr.Jajan decided to have an early breakfast at Le Cafe Gourmand since the store is open from 07.00 am.

Continue reading Le Cafe Gourmand