Melon Apple

Anak jajan accidentally found this unique fruit at grand lucky super store last week. Out of curiousity, we bought the fruit, it cost around 3.5k each.
Stupid us, we thought it would taste like apple and melon mix juice. But it’s literally a fruit with apple size but smell and taste like melon, there’s no apple flavor at all T_T

It’s just an ordinary melon with smaller size. The fruit tasted just like unripe melon, not sweet enough and abit crispy, it has similar texture with cucumber. Don’t know whether we took the unripe one or the fruit usually taste just like that. Ohya, the seed also smaller and more rounded. Let’s jajan!

Alamat :
Grand Lucky Superstore
Kawasan niaga terpadu sudirman lot.12
Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Jakarta Selatan

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