Shoot Our Best


Hello Sahabat Jajan!! What does photo taking activity mean to you??
Well for us as a food blogger, that would be taking the tastiest looking photo from the food we had. I’m sure that all of you have the same expectation to have a great and clear photo with the best possible angle.


Canon camera has been part of our blogging journey since long time ago, I remember our Canon was the first DSLR camera we had and it has been doing a very good job on taking tantalizing food photo with good quality.

Healthy Juice - Detox
Healthy Juice – Detox
Pan Seared Sea Bass
Pan Seared Sea Bass

All of this time, I believe most of you must be only paying attention to the photo result rite? But have you ever wondered how the behind the scenes of shooting process actually look like??

Well you should watch this hilarious Shoot My Best video on youtube


In the Shoot My Best video, you can see how much effort the photographers put and how far they are willing to go to get the best result. For example a man that used swan costume and slowly floats in the pool to get the best aim on the goose, or a father who’s willing to climb onto the roof to take photos of their artwork even though he’s afraid of heights and many more.


I’m very impressed with the totality of their efforts to shoot their best, it can be seen on how great the results are.


Watching this video making me realize on how much efforts people are willing to put to shoot their best photo or video and I can clearly relate it to our daily life as a food blogger. Stay tuned coz we will share you our version of Shoot My best on the next post. Let’s Shoot Our Best! 🙂



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